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  • Travel, Motherhood and A Mad Maids Giveaway

    When I used to travel a LOT for work and play, I had a simple rule of thumb: thy shalt not leave a messy house to returnth home to. My house used to be sort of spotless before I trudged away to Fort St. John for work or cavorted away to Mexico City for culture […]

  • I Heart YEG Giveaway

    This is the third and final instalment of all things Edmonton and awesome this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how I learned to love where I am and the 20+ things that tickle my fancy about this tree-filled, super creative and darn friendly and fun city. Next week the Rocky Mountain Wine and […]

  • Motivation Monday: Love Where you Are Edmonton Edition

    So this week I’m focusing on my new hometown: Edmonton. We had a tumultuous beginning, but I feel like we’re settling into an easy relationship. Moving here last winter was tough – it was bitter cold, we lived outside of town, I felt cut off from the world and didn’t have a community. But now […]

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Greg and Sarah Greenleese?

    Did you know that there are 169 million bees in Alberta and the province produces 40% of Canada’s honey? The Greenleeses do. Greg and Sarah Greenleese are two of Alberta’s 800 beekeepers and are pretty much some of the sweetest conservationists you’ll meet in Alberta (pun fully intended). When Sarah talks about her bees, her face […]