Motivation Monday: Love Where you Are Edmonton Edition

Edmonton's coffee scene is bar none and one of the first things I learned to love here.
Edmonton’s coffee scene is bar none and one of the first things I learned to love here.

So this week I’m focusing on my new hometown: Edmonton. We had a tumultuous beginning, but I feel like we’re settling into an easy relationship. Moving here last winter was tough – it was bitter cold, we lived outside of town, I felt cut off from the world and didn’t have a community. But now that we’re in the city and steps away from a lot of urban-living aspects plus we have friends (yay!!!). I’m falling deeply in love with Edmonton’s parks, playgrounds, croissants, libraries and people. Edmonton is warming up my cold, increasingly less soggy Westcoast heart (hence: photo above at one of my fave coffee shops, Transcend).

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can,” said tennis great Arthur Ashe. 


This week I’ll be taking you on a bit of a journey through Edmonton and tell you how I’m learning to love ‘Dirt City’. It’s a city of fun festivals, friendly people, a supportive creative scene and endless parks. In a couple of blog posts, Thursday to be exact, I’ll even host a little giveaway for you my dear reader(s) as a way to say thanks

One of my travel writing goals is to attract people here and show them the shiny bits of The Chuck, the spots that they won’t find anywhere else. I hope you’ll accompany me on this ride and see what it’s been like to learn to love where I am.






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