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This is the third and final instalment of all things Edmonton and awesome this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how I learned to love where I am and the 20+ things that tickle my fancy about this tree-filled, super creative and darn friendly and fun city.

Next week the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival is rolling into Edmonton. There will be over 20 local restaurants offering up delicious bites to pair with some highly sip-able Canadian and International wines and spirits. And to say THANKS to all my readers local and non-local, I’m hosting a little giveaway….More after the jump. 

So what does this tasty melange of international beverages and local fare have to do with all the Edmonton love? What better way to get to know Dirt City than to wine and dine your way around it for an evening. I want to send you and a friend to the festival on Saturday, November 7 from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. To enter, check out the giveaway below.

The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival features some faboo Canadian, South African, Aussie and Kiwi wines on offer not to mention some great nibbles from Edmonton and Alberta restaurants.


It’s been so lovely getting to know some of Anchors + Proteas readers and fans these last few months. The notes, comments and social media shares have been so lovely. Blogging is kind of like being a mom and a sculptor. On one hand you need to make sure this little being (the blog) has all it needs to survive: food/shelter/water or photos/content/updating, so you have to be a nurturing blog-den mama. On the other hand, I’m still refining and moulding exactly what kind of travel and lifestyle stories I want to share. As I work my way through this dual role here at Anchors + Proteas and you read along, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

So what better way to express my gratitude for your eyes on these pages than to give away a couple of rad gifts. The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food fest tickets will be open to Edmonton readers only and the handmade care package will feature some of my fave Alberta/B.C. brands: Element Botanicals, North Birch Grove, Camp Brand Goods and more.

The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival tickets will go to anyone living in Alberta who has the means to get here for the festival on Saturday, November 7. Meanwhile, the curated package of handmade goods from both B.C. and Alberta I’ll mail ANYWHERE on this lovely planet of ours.

So please enter below and tell all you friends about the Anchors + Proteas giveaway. Sharing is caring and holy smokes, am I glad you’re such a bunch of carers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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3 responses to “I Heart YEG Giveaway”

  1. aislin Avatar

    i don’t think i could ever pick just one favourite! so, here are a few: Bibo + Culina (one for wine, the other for eats), Sicilian Pasta Kitchen Jasper Ave (the bestest pasta), Sugarbowl (the bestest cinnamon buns), and El Cortez (the bestest tacos!).

    1. mpost Avatar

      I love Sugarbowl’s cinnamon buns- who can say no to cinnamony, sugary buns as big as your head (well almost). I haven’t tried Culina/Bibo/Sicilian Pasta Kitchen. Thanks for the recommendations Aislin. 🙂

  2. Ayngelina Avatar

    I would love to win the grand prize but I’m in Toronto, the second prize with things you recommend would be fabulous. I’m always looking for new great products from people I trust.

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