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  • Tread Lightly on Mama Earth: ways to lower your travel footprint

    Happy Earth Day! Here is a little story about tourism and it’s impacts on the earth… When I used to live in Vancouver, I used to walk the seawall almost daily. In the summer when everyone flocked to English Bay for a day or afternoon at the beach the local public garbage cans along the […]

  • Anthology ~ April 2017 ~ Mama Earth Edition

    Do you remember your first Earth Day celebration? My recollections are a bit fuzzy, but I can remember what I looked like when my Earth Day awareness started. Braces, spiral perm, high wasted pants and GIANT gold rimmed glasses. (I know this because I recently found some very awkward grade seven photos – ermagawd). I […]

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jeremy Koreski?

    His body of work spans decades, he’s worked with a huge range of respectable brands (Patagonia, Clifbar, Adidas, Sitka to name a few) and he’s one of Canada’s eminent surf photographer and videographers. These are all accolades that could swell any head or distract any big shot from the issues that matter in their home […]

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Grace Dubery?

    Imagine a crowd of thousands of people dressed in white, doing yoga in a giant public space in Paris or Toronto, dedicating their practice to peace. Next, picture people doing yoga to encourage grassroots activism and leadership in South Africa. Close your eyes and visualize yoga classes in the prisons, schools, special need centers, HIV/AIDS support groups […]