Travel, Motherhood and A Mad Maids Giveaway

The struggle is REAL: travel, parenthood and a house cleaning giveaway. Photo credit: Pam Loves Pie | Flickr | CC
The struggle is REAL: travel, parenthood and a #YEG house cleaning giveaway. Photo credit: Pam Loves Pie | Flickr | CC

When I used to travel a LOT for work and play, I had a simple rule of thumb: thy shalt not leave a messy house to returnth home to. My house used to be sort of spotless before I trudged away to Fort St. John for work or cavorted away to Mexico City for culture and food.

This little pre-blast off routine helped me avoid trip-ending-comedown – returning to a tidy home was a tiny consolation of saying Hasta Luego to those colourful, mini-umbrella drinks or sweltering safari adventures. Sometimes, I wished I had a cleaning service that could help me out. A company like Alberta-based Mad Maids, who have easy-to-choose pricing that go by house size and type of cleaning (routine, deep or move out).

Now that I’m a mom the work and leisure trips are a bit more dispersed as is the clean-the-house-before-departing routine. Now we’re luck if we can remember to pack our toothbrushes and lock the door on the way out.

Motherhood and the eternal war that is attempting to keep your house clean is a much easier battle thanks to Mad Maids. I love my kid, but these days, the struggle to maintain a clean home is REAL people. He loves to share (throw) everything with gusto on the floor,  ‘clean’ (smear) all glass surfaces with his grubby mitts and drink (spit) his watery juice out of his big boy glass like a wasted college freshmen. 

Probably the greatest Mother’s Day gift anyone could give a busy working and travelling mama – besides that trip to Kauai – is a thorough, kick-ass house cleaning. Enter Mad Maids and my even BUSIER mama friend Heather in Edmonton. Heather juggles graduate studies, a part time job, a giant dog, two cats, a husband and cute as heck twin toddlers plus regular trips to  Saskatchewan.

Heather and her cute little tribe.
Heather and her cute little tribe.

As an early mama’s day present, thanks to my friends at Mad Maids, I arranged a deep clean, four bedroom home cleaning package for Heather. The Mad Maids cleaners were friendly, on-time and did a fantastic job delving deep into the bits of Heather’s home that she doesn’t have time to clean regularly. In fact, they did such a good job, I received this text minutes after Heather’s arrival home: “My baseboards are clean. They wiped our baseboards!!”

The thing that I like about Mad Maids is that their services are perfect for overbooked parents. You can book a cleaning online, just letting them know the size of your abode, what type of cleaning you want and voila, they show up and work magic. If I lived in Edmonton still I’d be indulging in a little Mad Maids package every time I flew away or every other week.

As an early mama’s day gift to all my Edmonton and Calgary readers, I’m hosting a double high five giveaway: one for a $200 gift certificate to Mad Maids plus a runner up prize of a $50 gift certificate. Just enter the Rafflecopter below

For those of you who just book right away you can use the code AAP20 to receive $20 off your first cleaning. So go ahead, book that vacation (or trip to the library and grocery store) and come home to a glittering residence.

Mamas – what do you want to receive for Mother’s Day?
The rest of you: what are you going to do for the Mama in your life this Mother’s Day?

CONGRATS Sarah from Smile & Conquer, you’re the runner up with a $50 gift certificate for Mad Maids and Stephanie W. you’re the grand prize winner with a $200 gift certificate for a Mad Maids cleaning. Thanks everyone for your entries.

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** This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own (with Heather’s help). Thanks to the brands who help keep my little place on the interwebs going. ** 





9 responses to “Travel, Motherhood and A Mad Maids Giveaway”

  1. su Avatar

    i have a few mother’s in my life
    my mother – is traveling in a land far away – i will Whats App her on mothers day
    my sister – who is a great mother – i will send her CHOCOLATE

    cheers and happy mothers day to ALL mothers

  2. Jody Robbins Avatar

    What I great idea! My house is a mess and I’d love to come back to it fully cleaned one day! Usually for Mother’s Day I do whatever I want. This year it’s a night at the ballet with a girlfriend, Float session and hot yoga.

  3. Leigh Avatar

    With my garden taking all my energy now, my house looks worse by the day. A thorough cleaning would be amazing.

    What I would love – is help in my garden so I can get on top of things.

  4. Tamara Avatar

    For Mother’s Day, I want to snuggle with both my kids and then have a spa day with them.

  5. Stephanie W. Avatar
    Stephanie W.

    My poor mom sprained her wrist last week, so for Mother’s Day I’m going over to plant her garden for her. I’m pretty worried about her, I’d feel much better knowing she had Mad Maids to clean the house for her! 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, really hope I can win this for my mom!

  6. Michael Pozzobon Avatar
    Michael Pozzobon

    My mom absolutely loves baking, so I’m getting her a new KitchenAid Mixer for Mother’s Day! Of course, she could use some help cleaning up the kitchen afterwards, haha. 😉

  7. Diane G. Avatar
    Diane G.

    All I want for Mother’s Day is time with family, and to order in a pizza or two!

  8. Sarah @Smile and Conquer Avatar

    I’m actually kind of a bad daughter, I’m actually in Canmore this weekend and left my mom in charge of doggy sitting our two pups. I’ll be back tomorrow night to have dinner with her. Next year I’ll plan better!

  9. Krista M Avatar
    Krista M

    All I want to receive for Mother’s Day is to have a nice girls day out spending quality time with my mother, sister & daughter! We are going shopping for spring shoes & out for a nice lunch today!

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