Pack your Ps and Qs: Bloggers share their mom’s travel advice


Every time I’ve travelled everywhere my mom says the same two things: pack your Ps and Qs (pleases and thank-yous) and pack your common sense. Good manners and old fashioned common sense have helped me enjoy trips around the United Kingdom, Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa relatively incident free. Thanks mom! The last spot mumsy and I trekked to was the ultra-luxe Azuridge and where we hung out with my toddler, were served by butlers and gazed upon the Rocky Mountains. I can honestly say my mom is one of my favourite travel mates – I’m so thankful she’s nurtured my wanderlust and adaptability all these years. Thanks mom!

To celebrate Mother’s Day (in Canada) a bit early, I thought I would survey some of my blogger buds’ for their pearls of mom travel advice wisdom. There are some really sweet nuggets of advice after the jump. Happy Mother’s Day reading fellow travellers. 



Yashy Murphy – Baby and Life

My mom taught me that we must travel often and enjoy the luxuries of travel. She ensured that we travelled from the month we were born and continued to take us on vacations numerous time a year. My parents instilled the love of travel in me and is the main reason I travel with my kids! We just returned from a multi-generational trip to Ontario’s Blue Mountain resort where we had three generations on holiday! My mom, grandmother and my four year old daughter enjoyed the weekend away.

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Cory Johnn

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from my Mom over my years of travelling has to be the simple rule of taking the time to enjoy what’s in front of me. The best memories are made in the moment. My Mom and I have always enjoyed our trips to British Columbia in the summer time and it became a tradition of ours in my younger years. As a photographer, she has t aught me that I don’t always have to be looking through the viewfinder on my camera.

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Naomi – Probe Around the Globe

When I took my mom on a trip of a lifetime to Rome, she taught me to look at everything for the first time and she reminds me how privileged I am to be able to travel and explore the world. It was like seeing the world for the first time through her eyes.

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Vivian Lee – Miss Happy Feet

One thing my mum taught me in travels is to take as many photos as possible, because like it or not, memories do fade. Photos speak a thousand words. Sometimes when I look back on the old photos I have, those memories which I had completely forgotten about came rolling back and I could picture those moments just like it was yesterday. I tend to take a lot of picture during my travels, however I would not let this habit of mine stop me from having any fun off the frame. The last trip we took together: Penang Island.

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Patti – The Savvy Globetrotter

My mother taught me to be prepared for anything without sacrificing spontaneity.  This has served me well on my travels.  Although I enjoy researching destinations and having a general plan, it doesn’t bother me when things don’t turn out as I expected – that’s just part of the experience.  My mom and I traveled to Miami together last winter and had a great time.

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Matilda – The Travel Sisters

The last place I traveled to with my mother was New York City. It was actually a surprise weekend trip for her since I knew she would enjoy it. My mom taught me to be open to new experiences in travel and in life. She is more of a “lead by example” type of mom so growing up with her I learned that unfamiliar places, food, experiences were something to happily explore rather than avoid.

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MomsDayLisa Grabelle

Lisa Grabelle – Hilton Momvoyage

My Mom taught me to ALWAYS make time to travel WITH your children!  As busy as my parents were running their business, we regularly escaped as a family to create priceless memories.  Recently, my parents, husband, two daughters and I embarked on a whirlwind tour of California and Nevada!  A highlight for me:  after exploring Bryce, Zion, Glacier, Yellowstone and other parks with my parents when I was a kid, it was thrilling to visit Death Valley with my parents, husband AND my kids!

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Victoria Burdman –  Celebrate the Weekend

My mom taught me what has now become my blogging brand – to celebrate every weekend. Growing up in the former Soviet Union, we did not have the opportunity to travel often (or far) but my Mom always found a way to make our school vacations special.  She would take us to the city of Odessa two hours away by train to see a theatre show, swim in the Black Sea and to have ice cream in a sea side café.   We are lucky that in the American Northeast where we now live, there are endless opportunities to celebrate every weekend within a two-hour drive!  Most recent trip I took with my mom was to a yoga retreat in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, two hours away.

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Monica Wolyniec – Mindfully Travel

My mother has done and continues to do anything and everything to introduce new places around the world to our family. From my first camping trip in Maine as a baby to tossing coins in the Fontana di Trevi, she’s always ready and willing for an adventure. Her go-to motto is “Everything happens for the best,” which is a useful mantra for daily life, but especially when travel – or lack there of – becomes tricky.

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Do you have any great travel tips to share from your mom? Where was the last place you travelled with mom? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Victoria Avatar

    Awesome idea to celebrate Mother’s Day and thank you for including my mom and I!

  2. Monica Avatar

    What a fun + great way to say thanks to our moms! xxo

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