Farm Friday ~ Where Country Schools City

One of  the RGE Rd team prepares the salad course. Photo courtesy of Prairie Garden Farms
One of the RGE Rd team prepares the salad course. Photo courtesy of Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farms

“As local food loving voyeurs, we’re here at the Irvings’ farm along with 70 others for Alberta Open Farm Days. Each August, dozens of Alberta agriculturalists open their doors so we townies can check out the origins of our food.

Increasingly, outdoor farm meals like this are on offer. Restauranteurs, farmers and agricultural marketing types are latching on to this trend like a newborn calf to cow. As Canadians continue to ask questions about the provenance of their food, the popularity of farm meals en plein air grow. From Pemberton, B.C’s Araxi Long Table Dinner to Kleefeld, Manitoba’s Grazing in the Field, chefs and farmers are uniting over summer to organise unique, delectable and at times, utterly educational dinners.  Some of the folks behind this cross-Canada dining inclination shared their anecdotes and advice on the growing movement.” – March/April edition of Small Farm Canada

Last summer I was assigned a story I couldn’t pass up: a feature that would highlight the best of some Canada’s outdoor farm to fork dining experiences. While I wasn’t able to attend all the meals the article describes, I did learn a lot about the trend (thanks to the North Arm Farm folks), local farmers and Canadian diners and chefs. And I was able to reflect on my family’s little farm-inspired dining experience during Alberta’s Open Farm Days.

Thanks to Small Farm Canada for the opportunity! Read the full story HERE.

Have you ever attended a farm to fork outdoor farm dinner? Where was it? What was on the menu? 





2 responses to “Farm Friday ~ Where Country Schools City”

  1. Helen Avatar

    I grew up with the farm-to-fork/table mentality. It’s nice to learn that more restaurants are embracing this trend!

    1. mpost Avatar

      Helen – me too. We snacked on strawberries from my grandma’s garden and noshed steaks from my dad’s cattle ranch. It’s a privilege to know exactly where your food comes from these days. 🙂

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