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  • How did you get that F*#king awesome job Abe Chabaan?

    If you’ve ever visited Vancouver and bought hummus, chances are you’ve tried one of the many dip varietals from Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods. A potluck staple and high protein, diet friendly dish, hummus is also a Lebanese meal essential. Enter dad, entrepreneur and torch bearer of Habibi’s hummus empire: Abe Chabaan. Chabaan went into business with […]

  • Farm Friday ~ Where Country Schools City

    “As local food loving voyeurs, we’re here at the Irvings’ farm along with 70 others for Alberta Open Farm Days. Each August, dozens of Alberta agriculturalists open their doors so we townies can check out the origins of our food. Increasingly, outdoor farm meals like this are on offer. Restauranteurs, farmers and agricultural marketing types […]

  • Motivation Monday ~ Eat Love Local

    Lately, I’ve been feeling really lucky to live in an area where there is so much abundant, fresh and delicious food. Did you know that there are 49,631 farms in Alberta (according to the 2006 census). For a place with 4.1 million people that’s about one farm per 83 people.

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Robin Wasicuna?

    To say that Robin Wasicuna is passionate about his craft could be an understatement. Other possible descriptors could include: serious, dedicated or ebullient. As one of the Northwest Territories’ most outspoken and publicly praised chefs, Wasicuna is a boon to both Yellowknife and to the northern food scene in general. Wasicuna is the owner of […]