Farm Friday ~ Where Country Schools City

One of  the RGE Rd team prepares the salad course. Photo courtesy of Prairie Garden Farms
One of the RGE Rd team prepares the salad course. Photo courtesy of Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farms

“As local food loving voyeurs, we’re here at the Irvings’ farm along with 70 others for Alberta Open Farm Days. Each August, dozens of Alberta agriculturalists open their doors so we townies can check out the origins of our food.

Increasingly, outdoor farm meals like this are on offer. Restauranteurs, farmers and agricultural marketing types are latching on to this trend like a newborn calf to cow. As Canadians continue to ask questions about the provenance of their food, the popularity of farm meals en plein air grow. From Pemberton, B.C’s Araxi Long Table Dinner to Kleefeld, Manitoba’s Grazing in the Field, chefs and farmers are uniting over summer to organise unique, delectable and at times, utterly educational dinners.  Some of the folks behind this cross-Canada dining inclination shared their anecdotes and advice on the growing movement.” – March/April edition of Small Farm Canada

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How did you get that f*#king awesome job AV Wakefield?


Amy Viktoria Wakefield is the Kevin Bacon of my photography world. A few years back a friend bought me a small photo of records in a record shop. Fast forward a few years later, I spot the same print in a different friend’s living room. Then, in late 2014 I meet this lovely freckled, photographer friend of a friend who…. you guessed it, is the record shop print photographer. And that my friends is only the tip of the glacier in terms of AV Wakefield’s mountain photography talent, not to mention her knack for bringing people together.

As the owner of North Birch Grove AV inspires you to wander with photo products (think Canadian provinces overlaid with stunning landscape shots) or vibrant photo magnets with inspiring text. As the proprietor of North Birch Grove, AV sells her photo wares at markets across Canada and online and as a Canmore resident she gets outside as much as possible.

Enter Hike365, a hiking collective based in the Canmore/Banff area. For the last couple of years AV and her home girls take smallish groups of gals out for hikes in the Canadian Rockies. In the summer Hike365 gathers monthly and sometimes bi-monthly through winter. Amy is the Hike365 ring leader and, of course, their office photographer.

When not striding up mountains, you can can find AV at Calgary’s Market Collective or Vancouver or Edmonton’s Make It shows. Stop by her booth, chat up this kinda/kinda not shy gal.  Her wide smile, loud laugh and very talented index finger (she presses buttons to capture perfectly composed landscape/canine/fine art photographs) make her an overall lovely person to shoot the bull with. I’m so stoked to share AV’s story f*#king awesome job story today.

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Motivation Monday: Slay your Bucket List

Surf Sister surf school with my bests in Tofino, British Columbia.
Surf Sister surf school with my bests in Tofino, British Columbia.

Warning: Imma going all big-sister, preachy on you. So if you’re not in the mood for some un-solicited advice, move on.

You’ve probably read one of those posts – you know the viral ones with the gorgeous photos and trust-fund whiff of bottomless funds: the travel bucket list. As in ‘10 Bucket List destinations in Europe/Africa/Asia/Etc You MUST visit‘ style posts. This topic is so so subjective.

This bucket list post is a little different, because I’m not going to share my list with your per se, because it’s still evolving. My travel bucket list is changing as I get older and take on more adulting, more driving, less flying, less palm trees, more local campgrounds. You get the picture. My travel maps are a little more local these days. And that’s okay.

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Motivation Monday ~ Travel & Vigor

High over the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.
High over the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why people travel lately. And then I came upon this article thanks to a fellow travel writer. It answers a lot of questions swirling around in my head.

Basically, Arthur Woods’ New York Times piece posits that where we go and how we plan trips offers a glimpse into who we are. He quotes academic studies about the travel habits of introverts vs. extroverts, Americans vs. Europeans, practical husbands vs. fun-loving wives. I’m not going to dissect the Op-Ed paragraph by paragraph, so just read it for me and tell me what you think…

I travel because it’s like a cleanse for my brain, a kick start to my  creative motors and a way to learn about places, people and way of living because I’m an experiential learner, not necessarily a bookish on. These days I’m also travelling as a way to settle into a new life. Read more