Motivation Monday ~ Travel & Vigor

High over the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.
High over the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why people travel lately. And then I came upon this article thanks to a fellow travel writer. It answers a lot of questions swirling around in my head.

Basically, Arthur Woods’ New York Times piece posits that where we go and how we plan trips offers a glimpse into who we are. He quotes academic studies about the travel habits of introverts vs. extroverts, Americans vs. Europeans, practical husbands vs. fun-loving wives. I’m not going to dissect the Op-Ed paragraph by paragraph, so just read it for me and tell me what you think…

I travel because it’s like a cleanse for my brain, a kick start to my  creative motors and a way to learn about places, people and way of living because I’m an experiential learner, not necessarily a bookish on. These days I’m also travelling as a way to settle into a new life. My family and I relocated recently from British Columbia to Alberta, so I travel to court my new province. I travel because I wan to see what it is Alberta has to offer: fun, views, food, culture, art and people. So far during my 24-72 hour jaunts Alberta has been a pretty good date. Alberta has proven to be an easy place to continue my habit of renewing my mind/soul/body’s vigor. In the past few months I’ve caught up with old friends, hiked through poplar forests and visited beautiful corners of my new home province. The roads are straight. The sky is big. The sunshine abundant. Another bonus: it’s no big deal to drive for four hours for an adventure. We have covered some ground in search of places to fall in love with here.

I’m hoping these Alberta travel adventures last beyond these warm, breezy summer months. So, yes, I agree with Roman rhetoric guru Seneca: travel does indeed renew parts of my brain and spirit.

What about you?

Where do you go to ‘impart new vigour to the mind’? Why do you need to impart this new vigour to your mind?


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2 responses to “Motivation Monday ~ Travel & Vigor”

  1. Agata Avatar

    I think that the major part of the people do not think about WHY they do it. Perhaps the major part of people just do it because all others do or because it is trendy. Sad but true.
    For me traveling is an act of deep human activity related to curiosity but, above all, to an urge we find in ourselves to UNDERSTAND the world. I pursue many travels to places I read about it books cause, not like you, I am a book freak and academic too, so for me the other people experience of the place and the history behind is crucial in understanding. And through the travels, new languages I learn, new books I read and new people I meet, I am closer to understanding the world.

    1. mpost Avatar

      I agree Agata. When I lived in South Africa I was struck constantly by the ‘deep humanity’ you speak of. It’s a concept called Ubuntu – I am because we are. As a confirmed extrovert (in the Myers-Briggs sense), getting to know other humans is definitely one of my favourite parts of travel.

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