February 2018 Anthology: Reads, Recipes and Road Trips

February Anthology: Recipes, Roadtrips and Reads

Well after two weeks on the road, we’re heading home. It’s been a few days full of snowy roads, endless rounds of the Sing soundtrack and a lot of internet reading of recipes and travel pieces.

Family figured largely on this epic road trip. We spent time with my dad’s side of the family at Silverstar Mountain where I skipped snowboard adventures for mega neice cuddles (insert small people dance parties) and hot tub soaks. To say it was relaxing would be an understatement.

Along the way, I plundered the internet (because I had time on our EPIC long driving stints) for some GREAT reads, recipes, and fellow travel tales. Warning: this could make you want to eat, travel and relax simultaneously.

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Weekend Anthology ~ January 2017

Winter has firmly grasped her icy, damp hands on our home here on Haida Gwaii. To compliment the chilly days we’ve consumed a lot of hot chocolate, turmeric smoothies. I spend my nights cozying up by the fire catching up on Game of Thrones. Can anyone say girl power Aria, Sansa and Daenerys?

So back to reality…. this week has been a cycle of keeping the house warm, chopping kindling, and readjusting back to work. It’s also a time of trying to be healthy again. The lazy days, abundant food and social invites of December are a fading memory as I shake off the cobwebs and gear up for a crazy summer at work. I’ve been drinking loads of water and focusing on wellness. I’m hoping 2017 is going to be a year of awesome health and happiness for my family, so bring on the turmeric and lunch time walks. Maybe I’ll even start running again. This fall I’m hoping I can see some Palm Trees IRL and grow some freckles. Where is your favourite palm tree place?  Read more

Weekend Anthology ~ March 2016

New nightly view
The new view

Well hello there dear online friends. It’s been a bit longer than a blink, hasn’t it? I’m writing this from our new home, after settling into a new job in a place about 1600 kilometres west of our dear Edmonton to the moist, green shores of Haida Gwaii.

We live near the ocean on a set of islands we’ve both road tripped to and our little dude ABSOLUTELY loves his new ocean, mountain and rainforest life. People here on Haida Gwaii as are sweet as I remember them and the towns as small, distinct and curious.

This is probably the first time I’ve had: A) steady internet, B) a quiet moment and C) the time to revel in all things amazing on the internet (a long story that involves a cancelled flight, a missed wedding of a dear friend and staying up late organizing Easter treats). Life’s duties aside, here are some of the things I’ve loved in the last month.

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Weekend Anthology ~ January 2016

Morning ritual c/o the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in PSP
Morning ritual c/o the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in PSP

Every year around this time I get the itch. The Palm Springs itch. The Coachella itch. The incredibly strong pull south to the desert itch.

Every January, the Coachella line up is released, a flurry of tickets sell out and I’m left yearning for days of sun, music, dancing and friends. After the festival, we usually spend a few more days with poolside drinks and patio ceviche or coffee at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club or mini-excursions to explore the other nooks and crannies of the Coachella Valley. When I’m old I will own a vacation house in PSP – I swear.

This year to help with the itch I’m taking part in my first EVER DIY challenge as I participate in the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge at the Edmonton Renovation Show. Upcycle a door for charity? Kick 2016 off with a major creative outburst? Pay homage to my love of desert modern architecture? Why not! Thanks for the nudge Karen Seen & Heard in Edmonton, so far playing with paint and sandpaper and an old closet door has been oodles of fun. (More later this month…)

Besides usual life/work/mamahood/winter juggle, I’m (like you) scanning the interwebs for good reads, big laughs and life hacks/advice.


I’m missing the Albert Frey designed Tramway Gas Station come Palm Springs Visitor Centre.

Loving this new Canadian typeface.

Re-reading this comic advice on apologizing over and over #sorrynotsorry

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