Weekend Anthology ~ March 2016

New nightly view
The new view

Well hello there dear online friends. It’s been a bit longer than a blink, hasn’t it? I’m writing this from our new home, after settling into a new job in a place about 1600 kilometres west of our dear Edmonton to the moist, green shores of Haida Gwaii.

We live near the ocean on a set of islands we’ve both road tripped to and our little dude ABSOLUTELY loves his new ocean, mountain and rainforest life. People here on Haida Gwaii as are sweet as I remember them and the towns as small, distinct and curious.

This is probably the first time I’ve had: A) steady internet, B) a quiet moment and C) the time to revel in all things amazing on the internet (a long story that involves a cancelled flight, a missed wedding of a dear friend and staying up late organizing Easter treats). Life’s duties aside, here are some of the things I’ve loved in the last month.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the keeper of some of the world’s most rare colours? Meet the guy who conserves the world’s rarest pigments.

Obsessed with all things nautical. Like this cute as heck shower curtain at Simon’s.

Watching these nature videos over and over. Penelope, Harrison and Kevin are my favourites.

Quinoa Chocolate Cake || Photo credit: Super Healthy Kids.
Quinoa Chocolate Cake || Photo credit: Super Healthy Kids.

Got some leftover quinoa? This cake IS THE BOMB. Speaking of quinoa – the Well Fed Flat Broke Blueberry & Rice muffin recipe (or quinoa muffins in my case) are another way to reduce food waste and feed your toddler/large humans.

My bud Catherine & her hubs Aaron went on an epic Kootenay road trip last summer. Watch the video and read about why travel is good for your mind, body and spirit.

“Just when my butt was starting to go numb, the tents came into view between the dunes,” Lindsay Shapka of The Anthrotarian takes us on a camel trek through the Sahara.

Have you ever been to Smithers, B.C.? It was one of my favourite stops on our drive west. Smithers has it all: a ski hill, a downtown brimming with independent stores and a thriving arts scene. I’m stoked that they are our neighbours now (well kinda).

What are you reading/watching/loving on the net these days? 





3 responses to “Weekend Anthology ~ March 2016”

  1. Sarah @ Smile & Conquer Avatar

    I’m not gonna lie, I had to google Haida Gwaii to find out exactly where it is! It looks beautiful, and a big change from the Edmonton Prairies (even if we are having a warm, early Spring). Enjoy your new surroundings!

    PS. That quinoa cake looks delicious and I always seem to have leftovers!

    1. mpost Avatar

      Try it! It’s the moistest cake ever. Re: Haida Gwaii, it’s literally the edge of Canada. An epic road trip from YEG for sure.

  2. Jaillan Yehia Avatar

    Now I *have* to buy something from Simon’s because it’s all too lovely and make a quinoa cake – as if I didn’t have enough to do! Thanks girl!

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