Weekend Anthology ~ January 2017

Winter has firmly grasped her icy, damp hands on our home here on Haida Gwaii. To compliment the chilly days we’ve consumed a lot of hot chocolate, turmeric smoothies. I spend my nights cozying up by the fire catching up on Game of Thrones. Can anyone say girl power Aria, Sansa and Daenerys?

So back to reality…. this week has been a cycle of keeping the house warm, chopping kindling, and readjusting back to work. It’s also a time of trying to be healthy again. The lazy days, abundant food and social invites of December are a fading memory as I shake off the cobwebs and gear up for a crazy summer at work. I’ve been drinking loads of water and focusing on wellness. I’m hoping 2017 is going to be a year of awesome health and happiness for my family, so bring on the turmeric and lunch time walks. Maybe I’ll even start running again. This fall I’m hoping I can see some Palm Trees IRL and grow some freckles. Where is your favourite palm tree place? 

In the mean time, the inter webs is as usual chock full of great travel and lifestyle advice. I’ve been reading lots the past few weeks and am stoked to share all the links, recipes and travel advice that I’m loving these days.

The Endless Meal’s turmeric detox smoothie is addictive.

Start your day, err, year off with this simple and surprisingly delish turmeric detox smoothie (also pictured above).

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to make this sweet potato and walnut bread.

A quick year end/year beginning pep talk. My fave podcaster Tiffany Han says you need to ask yourself just four questions: start, stop, continue and boundaries?

What do you need to work on the road? Mapping Megan has a fabulous list.

Better late than never. Literally just 28 of the most important photos of Stringer Bell (aka Idris Elba).

Travel planning? Poppytalk’s best, most stylish hotels of 2016.

The Comox Valley has it all: food, beaches and a ski hill.

President Obama on stage, in Chicago: a photo story by Jason Peterson.

Cheeky food-focused tees for taco, guacamole and brunch lovers.

How to have bucketfuls of family fun on Haida Gwaii.


I love this: Lauren Hom made beautiful travel-inspired posters to fund her travels.

What are you loving online these days?  





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  1. Katie Avatar

    Great little compilation of things to check out – I’ll be looking into that detox smoothie for sure! Thanks for sharing!

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