Motivation Monday: Find Your People


Over the next few weeks I’m super proud to feature some Motivation Mondays courtesy of guest blogger – AJ Staples. For a year she wrote daily and posted her thoughts to Instagram. Some time browsing her backlog of photographic wisdom nuggets is definitely worth a piece of your data plan. Here’s her take on defining the term ‘my people’.

Where are your people? The people who – when you’re near them – make you feel more like you?
My people are in libraries. They’re taking out stacks of books and they pay their late fees. My people are sitting on the floor in book stores, pouring over books they might buy or that just feel good in their hands. They’re trying something new no matter what their age. My people are the strangers saying hello to each other as they pass by on the street. My people play make-believe with their kids and see value in doing log rolls down grassy knolls. Read more

Motivation Monday: You Can Do Hard Things

No. XXX in AJ Staples awesome Instagram series
No. 374 in AJ Staples awesome Instagram series

So for the next few weeks I’m switching things up a bit and featuring some guest blogger/writer friends. First up is my life long bud AJ Staples. She started a project a couple years back where she wanted to post/write something for 365 days to Instagram. Her posts combined stunning photos, inspirational/motivational/ass kicker nuggets of knowledge and mini-essays on the thought/image. I loved them so much I want a coffee table book of them? She continues to write her missives today – follow her on Instagram if you like the next month or so of Motivation Monday guest posts.

No. 374 
Hard things are subjective. What people find difficult is very different depending on who you’re talking to and what they’re facing. There is a commonality though, and I believe that is self-doubt. We don’t believe in our ability, we think failing is worse than not trying; we want to stay comfortable even if that comfort is causing us harm or pain.  Read more

Fall in love with these 10 Canadian travel Instagrammers

Mom & Medicine Lake. Jasper National Park is truly one of our country’s most beautiful places.

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Novelist Eudora Welty once said, “a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” These days these moments are captured on a multitude of platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram. Of all of these, Instagram, to me is one of the easiest-to-use, most positive in terms of engagement.

We have a wealth of fantastic photographers from Canada who traipse through both the true north strong and free and beyond, immortalizing animals, landscapes and people. Since it’s Friday and the window to your weekend of (hopefully) relaxing, chilling and perhaps some Instagram scrolling, here are my top 10 Canadian travel photographers, in no particular order.  Read more

Motivation Monday ~ Wait out the Storm


We went to our first Instameet as a family this weekend. As we prepared to leave, the clouds gathered, the wind blew. The traffic snarl that is summer construction season was a gong show as we exited the city to drive east. Our route to the destination – Elk Island National Park – was straight into the middle of Mordor-esque clouds. By the time we arrived, the skies opened and were spewing a drenching rain.

I was so excited to attend, though, so we drove up. An hour after we passed through Elk Island’s gates, the storm was in full tilt. The meet up was in a covered area, so we all stood around chomping on donuts and brownies and chips waiting out the storm. When it stopped the sun rose again like a giant warm hug, drying us off and making the park all the more verdant.

Our son hopped in puddles, checked out the fwah-wahs (flowers) and guks (ducks) and chopped his first roasted hot dog. I snapped a hundred mediocre photos and about two good ones. The sun was warm and mellow and I chatted with other instameet’ers about photography geekery.

I’m so glad we waited out the storm, because it was the perfect soggy then sunny kick off to summer season.