Motivation Monday: Find Your People


Over the next few weeks I’m super proud to feature some Motivation Mondays courtesy of guest blogger – AJ Staples. For a year she wrote daily and posted her thoughts to Instagram. Some time browsing her backlog of photographic wisdom nuggets is definitely worth a piece of your data plan. Here’s her take on defining the term ‘my people’.

Where are your people? The people who – when you’re near them – make you feel more like you?
My people are in libraries. They’re taking out stacks of books and they pay their late fees. My people are sitting on the floor in book stores, pouring over books they might buy or that just feel good in their hands. They’re trying something new no matter what their age. My people are the strangers saying hello to each other as they pass by on the street. My people play make-believe with their kids and see value in doing log rolls down grassy knolls.

My people have been around the block a few times, been knocked down a whole bunch, and know how to laugh at all of it. They are bruised – literally and figuratively. My people stroll. They lean down to smell the flowers and they stop to pet the animals and they play peek-a-boo with the kid behind them in the lineup. My people believe in what’s good, aren’t naive to the existence of what’s evil, and have taken part in a little of both. They listen and cry and get angry and say sorry and love fiercely. My people talk to the person in the room who seems most uncomfortable. They give a helping hand without expecting anything back.

My people get off on doing random acts of kindness and picking out random gifts for people they love. My people are breathing in the fresh air in the middle of the forest and then getting caught up people watching in the city. They know it’s ok to fuck up sometimes. They forgive themselves. My people practice gratitude for where they’ve been and where they’re going. They soak up all the colours and smells and sounds. They love who they were and who they’re becoming. My people are aching for more connection and can be found hunkering down to recharge. My people are anywhere and everywhere, and they never stop searching to find more of who they are.

Where are your people? Let us know in the comments section below.

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