Motivation Monday: You Can Do Hard Things

No. XXX in AJ Staples awesome Instagram series
No. 374 in AJ Staples awesome Instagram series

So for the next few weeks I’m switching things up a bit and featuring some guest blogger/writer friends. First up is my life long bud AJ Staples. She started a project a couple years back where she wanted to post/write something for 365 days to Instagram. Her posts combined stunning photos, inspirational/motivational/ass kicker nuggets of knowledge and mini-essays on the thought/image. I loved them so much I want a coffee table book of them? She continues to write her missives today – follow her on Instagram if you like the next month or so of Motivation Monday guest posts.

No. 374 
Hard things are subjective. What people find difficult is very different depending on who you’re talking to and what they’re facing. There is a commonality though, and I believe that is self-doubt. We don’t believe in our ability, we think failing is worse than not trying; we want to stay comfortable even if that comfort is causing us harm or pain. 

When it’s difficult, it can be scary. When you’re facing something that will require extra effort, it can be exhausting before you even begin. When the summit seems too far, you might start to list all the reasons why you probably shouldn’t even start the climb….but climbing is exactly what you should do.

The top of the hill might be invisible, but who says the top has to be what you aim for? What if one-step-at-a-time was your goal? Our self-doubt starts to fade away once we can recognize that we’re already doing what we thought we couldn’t do. There’s no need to be overwhelmed with the idea of doing everything at once; when you’re busy taking things slowly and chipping away at the difficulties and discomfort, you start to understand that you absolutely have the power to do hard things.

Thanks AJ for today’s Motivation Monday!

Fun fact: AJ introduced me to Rob Prins‘ work (virtually) one of the best Canadian Instagrammers I wrote about a while back. Don’t you just love this whole internet thing?





2 responses to “Motivation Monday: You Can Do Hard Things”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    Thanks for the feature Mir! Love you so much! Xoxo

  2. Sonal of Drifter Planet Avatar

    Back in school, one of my teachers once mentioned to me “if you don’t do hard things, how do you expect yourself to become strong?” – that changed my perspective about many things. I try to do hard things and new things as often as possible. 🙂

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