Layover at Gatwick? It’s not as Rough as it Sounds


Fear not UK travellers, here are some tips from guest poster Alberta Dawson on how to make the best of a Gatwick layover…

Having to endure a long layover in London isn’t so bad after all. There may come an unexpected moment when you find yourself stuck inside Gatwick Airport looking for things to do to pass time. Lucky for you, the world’s most active single-use runway, according to travel website Panethos, has some equally world-class facilities in store. You can even go for a short commute to visit a couple of nearby tourist attractions.

First off, it’s important to understand to the exact location of London Gatwick. Contrary to its name, this Crawley, West Sussex airport is set 45.7 kilometres or 28.4 miles from downtown London. Read more

Motivation Monday: When All Else Fails Look Up


Here again is a guest post from my friend IRL (about 25 years) and Instagram bud AJ Staples. You can find more shots of her adorably gigantic pups plus a series of writing exercises she did for over a year in her Instagram feed. Her photos and text, when read one after another, are like thumbing through a coffee table book for your heart, chakras and soul. Worth a peek for sure.

Without further ado…No. 268: “When All Else Fails, Look Up”

Life will do what it does and sometimes that means it’ll take you out at the knees. You won’t see it coming (or you might) and the wind will be knocked out of you. You’ll have made big plans and mapped out your route, but life will just laugh at your illusion of control.  Read more

Motivation Monday: You Can Do Hard Things

No. XXX in AJ Staples awesome Instagram series
No. 374 in AJ Staples awesome Instagram series

So for the next few weeks I’m switching things up a bit and featuring some guest blogger/writer friends. First up is my life long bud AJ Staples. She started a project a couple years back where she wanted to post/write something for 365 days to Instagram. Her posts combined stunning photos, inspirational/motivational/ass kicker nuggets of knowledge and mini-essays on the thought/image. I loved them so much I want a coffee table book of them? She continues to write her missives today – follow her on Instagram if you like the next month or so of Motivation Monday guest posts.

No. 374 
Hard things are subjective. What people find difficult is very different depending on who you’re talking to and what they’re facing. There is a commonality though, and I believe that is self-doubt. We don’t believe in our ability, we think failing is worse than not trying; we want to stay comfortable even if that comfort is causing us harm or pain.  Read more