Motivation Monday: When All Else Fails Look Up


Here again is a guest post from my friend IRL (about 25 years) and Instagram bud AJ Staples. You can find more shots of her adorably gigantic pups plus a series of writing exercises she did for over a year in her Instagram feed. Her photos and text, when read one after another, are like thumbing through a coffee table book for your heart, chakras and soul. Worth a peek for sure.

Without further ado…No. 268: “When All Else Fails, Look Up”

Life will do what it does and sometimes that means it’ll take you out at the knees. You won’t see it coming (or you might) and the wind will be knocked out of you. You’ll have made big plans and mapped out your route, but life will just laugh at your illusion of control. 

You might curse and cry and shake your fists. You might straighten up and jump back in the game right away. You may decide to take a different path or give up on a dream or choose to stay knocked down.

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, life sends you a reminder. It tells you (if you’re listening) that things might go differently than you planned, but it’s all got a purpose. Life is sending you signs and options and messages. It’s telling you that no matter what happens, you can persevere. It’s showing you your resilience and your beauty and your chance for triumph even in the midst of despair.

Whether you believe in a god or in energy or in the force of the universal collective, it’s all around you. You can see it reminding you every time you look up at the sky, the stars, the treetops, the rain, the snow falling down onto your outstretched tongue. Life is one huge choose-your-own-adventure that’s being given to you every day you’re alive. Keep your eyes open, look up, be reminded. You’ve got this – even when you think you don’t.

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3 responses to “Motivation Monday: When All Else Fails Look Up”

  1. kira Paran Avatar

    Great advice girl!

    1. mpost Avatar

      Thanks Kira – my friend Andrea is one of the best guest posters. Lucky to have her as a writing peer.

  2. Andrea Avatar

    Thanks Mir! This is one of my faves! Love you xo

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