Love Your Mother: An Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Nab mom some handmade gifts from Etsy this Mother's Day.

I had a business meeting recently and at the end my colleague asked, ‘So what’s new with you?’ 

I said soccer, gardening, and my love of the sun are keeping things humming along at home these days. That and a little trip with my kiddo and mom off-island for Mother’s Day. 

“When is Mother’s Day again?” A slightly panicked tone sailed out his lips. 

“This Sunday!” I grinned watching him squirm as only a forgetful dad can. 

“Thanks friend. Seriously, thank you,” he said as he walked away. 

If you’re looking for a fabulous gift for your mama, baby mama, baby mama-to-be or step-mama then Etsy is a fabulous place to start. Not to sound like a broken record for all of you who have been reading Anchors+Proteas for a while, but locally made, indie small businesses specializing in handmade goods are the BEST. On a holiday that’s full of gratitude and love, why turn to places like Hallmark and Walmart when you can nab a handmade treasure from a maker.

I don’t know where I’d be without my mom and stepmom, and the other matriarchs in my life over my last 20-plus years of adulthood. If money and time were no object I’d definitely be sending all the Etsy finds below to my moms. Heck, I’d even grab a couple for myself. The best thing about this little collection of fun shops and fun Mother’s Day gifts? All the shops are Canadian.

So grab a nice card from your local library book shop, book store or art gallery and fill it with a handwritten Etsy ‘I owe you’ and consider ordering a slightly tardy but totally handmade or retro gift from the collection below.

For the crazy plant lady mom

Maybe a little planty DIY project for mom from Florals & Floss.

Macrame all day – yup, years on and I’m still obsessed with these plant hangers. 

DIY plant embroidery or even better buy two and work on them together during a couple mother/kiddo craft sessions. 

Cedar is a theme on many of ceramics made by Haida Gwaii-based Sunfish Studio, like this pair of whisky tumblers

For the letter writing mom

For the letter writing mom, some Etsy finds.

A Royal typewriter fit for a letter-writing queen.

Carb load without the calories and buy her this super cute donut stationary designed in Cowtown.

For the freedom fighting mom, this Feminist pencil set is perfection.

For the foodie mother

For the baking, feeding, loves the kitchen mom this linen apron is perfect.
Simple, washable linen apron from Pine & Paddle.

This simple linen apron will protect her clothes while also supporting the indie, boss lady shop Pine & Paddle based in Winnipeg.

For baker mom, these walnut and birch rolling pins are made with love in Wakefield, Quebec.

For gin sipping mama, this gin-infusing set is a pretty sweet project.

Plastic wrap is so 2016. Nab mom some sweet Bee’s Wax Wraps so she too can join the non-plastic revolution. 

What are your favourite Etsy shops? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below or shoot me a quick note here.

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking and maybe buying some rad Etsy found through these links I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This little commissions help keep the Anchors + Proteas ship afloat. xo

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