Love Your Mother: An Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Nab mom some handmade gifts from Etsy this Mother's Day.

I had a business meeting recently and at the end my colleague asked, ‘So what’s new with you?’ 

I said soccer, gardening, and my love of the sun are keeping things humming along at home these days. That and a little trip with my kiddo and mom off-island for Mother’s Day. 

“When is Mother’s Day again?” A slightly panicked tone sailed out his lips. 

“This Sunday!” I grinned watching him squirm as only a forgetful dad can. 

“Thanks friend. Seriously, thank you,” he said as he walked away. 

If you’re looking for a fabulous gift for your mama, baby mama, baby mama-to-be or step-mama then Etsy is a fabulous place to start. Not to sound like a broken record for all of you who have been reading Anchors+Proteas for a while, but locally made, indie small businesses specializing in handmade goods are the BEST. On a holiday that’s full of gratitude and love, why turn to places like Hallmark and Walmart when you can nab a handmade treasure from a maker.

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Pack your Ps and Qs: Bloggers share their mom’s travel advice


Every time I’ve travelled everywhere my mom says the same two things: pack your Ps and Qs (pleases and thank-yous) and pack your common sense. Good manners and old fashioned common sense have helped me enjoy trips around the United Kingdom, Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa relatively incident free. Thanks mom! The last spot mumsy and I trekked to was the ultra-luxe Azuridge and where we hung out with my toddler, were served by butlers and gazed upon the Rocky Mountains. I can honestly say my mom is one of my favourite travel mates – I’m so thankful she’s nurtured my wanderlust and adaptability all these years. Thanks mom!

To celebrate Mother’s Day (in Canada) a bit early, I thought I would survey some of my blogger buds’ for their pearls of mom travel advice wisdom. There are some really sweet nuggets of advice after the jump. Happy Mother’s Day reading fellow travellers.  Read more