Ear Candy: The Best Podcasts for Long Trips

The Best Podcasts for Long Trips
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Podcasts are to 2018 what those yellow Sony Sports Walkmans were to 1992. They’re hip. They’re ubiquitous. They are super practical for those long walks, flights and road trips. Above all podcast help me balance my heart and brain. For instance, on a two day drive to my home town…

It feels like everyone is listening to podcasts these days. But just as there was a TONNE of cassettes to choose to play in your Sony Walkman Sports WM-B52, there are a tonne of podcasts to choose to download. Finding the good ones, the ones that speak to your soul, tell you how to run your business, fill your ears with great conversations, make you LOL or weep like someone who has just cut up a sack of onions, this is the goal. The podcasts that illicit awe, wonder, inspiration or brain activity are usually the golden ones. The ear candy. The shows you ALWAYS download before a trip.

Here’s a list of my podcast go-to’s for those long ass drives to Prince George or short(ish) flights to Vancouver. 

Podcasts for those who love a compelling story: Snap Judgement, The MothSpooked

If you grew up listening to family members tell big yarns or really detailed adventure tales (like I did, ahem Dad), then these are for you. Beware: The Moth has been known to cause leaky tear ducts. Also, DO NOT listen to Spooked with kids in the car. Too scary.

A podcast for eaters – The Fridge Light (CBC)
Want to know the difference between dark meat and light meat? Or the magic of wild yeast? This is the show that will explain the many mysteries behind food trends and origins. 
A podcast for serotonin seekers: Happier

If you like sisterly banter, life hacks and are a fan of Gretchen Rubin then Happier is for you. Run by Gretchen and her sister Liz Craft, they offer all kinds of advice and listener hacks on achieving maximum amounts of serotonin in your day to day.

Best Podcast of the summer: Modern Love
A podcast for true love cynics: Modern Love

I could have lumped this in with the story-based podcasts above, but Modern Love is one part compelling narrative (all episodes feature an essay from the NY Times Modern Love essay) but also a testament to the millions of different kinds of love.

Podcasts for crime solvers: Serial, Criminal and S-Town

If you wished Horatio fro CSI:Miami was your cubicle neighbour or you fancy yourself as a journalist/detective, then check out these three. Serial and S-Town is best listened to season start to end, while Criminal is not chronological at all.


The best podcast for long trips (with kids)
A couple podcasts for ankle biters: Stories PodcastLittle Stories for Tiny People

My kid loves these. I love these because they keep him content and occupied while we drive and drive. Enough said.

A podcast for feminists: Unladylike

Timely, female, unabashedly real. The two hosts have a straight up, perky yet jugular-focused reporting style as they explore topics that matter to the modern women like ‘how to get a yoga body’ or ‘how to smash the patriarchy’ or ‘how to run for president.’

The Best Podcasts for long flights or roadtrips

Do you have any favourite podcasts to share? List your ear bud loves in the comments below. 





6 responses to “Ear Candy: The Best Podcasts for Long Trips”

  1. Cheryl Howard Avatar

    Lovely. Booked marked for a long train ride I have coming up in a couple of weeks. 🙂

  2. Paula Avatar

    These are amazing tips! I will definitely check them out!

  3. Lance Avatar

    Oh, we will have to try out the podcasts for the littles. My wife loves The Moth and Spooked. Actually, she loves just about any podcast that weaves a good story and has some mystery to it. I really enjoy inspirational podcasts that feed the soul and elevate your thinking. Of course, anything that lifts your spirits is wonderful for traveling, or any other time. This is a fun list, and you gave our family some fun, new podcasts to check out.

  4. Jenn and Ed Coleman Avatar

    Spooked sounds excellent. We really love podcasts when travelling and scary stories too. This is the best of both worlds.

  5. Susanne Avatar

    I do not hear podcasts yet. I listen to audiobooks and love to sink into the stories. Maybe I should try it sometimes with podcasts.

  6. leah Avatar

    Thanks for the crim podcast recommendations! I love true crime and unsolved mysteries, so I’ll definitely be adding those to my download list <3

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