Ear Candy: The Best Podcasts for Long Trips

The Best Podcasts for Long Trips
Photo: Jaz King/Unsplash

Podcasts are to 2018 what those yellow Sony Sports Walkmans were to 1992. They’re hip. They’re ubiquitous. They are super practical for those long walks, flights and road trips. Above all podcast help me balance my heart and brain. For instance, on a two day drive to my home town…

It feels like everyone is listening to podcasts these days. But just as there was a TONNE of cassettes to choose to play in your Sony Walkman Sports WM-B52, there are a tonne of podcasts to choose to download. Finding the good ones, the ones that speak to your soul, tell you how to run your business, fill your ears with great conversations, make you LOL or weep like someone who has just cut up a sack of onions, this is the goal. The podcasts that illicit awe, wonder, inspiration or brain activity are usually the golden ones. The ear candy. The shows you ALWAYS download before a trip.

Here’s a list of my podcast go-to’s for those long ass drives to Prince George or short(ish) flights to Vancouver.  Read more

Glamping near the slopes: BC’s best ski town cabins

Glamping in BC: the best ski town cabins
Photo: Adam Kahtava/Flickr/CC

As the snow flies, my dreams of curling up by a fire apres ski in a super cute, rustic cabin increase exponentially. Enter Glamping Hub. Glamping in the mountains is one of the best ways to hygge your way through winter.

This snow season my family plans to escape away to the mainland mountains in February to carve up the slopes and sip mulled wine and play crib in a cute chalet either in the Kootenays or the Okanagan region of British Columbia. We’ll be driving the huge drive to the Vernon area and then hopefully heading to the Kootenays. Finding ski town accommodation is always a bit tricky and that’s why I love Glamping Hub because it has a lot of cozy options that are near ski towns or hills but are often quirky, affordable and slightly off the well-groomed path.

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Haida Gwaii: Five Reasons to Start Planning your Trip Now

Haida Gwaii: a land of carved poles, warm people and abundant seafood.
Haida Gwaii: a land of carved poles, warm people and abundant seafood.

Ravens the size of small airplanes.* Giant rocks that magically balance on beaches. Blowholes on shore that spray land like a whale spout. Seafood so bountiful that you can literally walk into the ocean to scoop it up. Forests so dense and ancient that they vibrate with some of the brightest greens and whispery darkness you’ll ever see – all at once.

Welcome to Haida Gwaii.

in 2011, I was lucky enough to cross off a very big item off my life travel bucket list: Haida Gwaii. Perched over 100 km west of British Columbia’s north coast, Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of hundreds of islands covered in rich, dense temperate rain forests, Haida villages and ancient heritage sites. The population of Haida Gwaii is about 5000. Most folks from Haida Gwaii live on the largest island of the group, Graham Island in the towns of: Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate, Tlell, Port Clements, Masset and Old Massett.

My first time to Haida Gwaii, I was invited to tag along on a family road trip north with my friends Allan and Tamara, whose family’s hail from from Old Massett, one of Haida Gwaii’s northern most communities. I was so excited I could barely sleep the night before we left. On that 10 day journey we drove, ferried and drove the 1801 kilometres between Vancouver and the northern tip of Graham Island. I learned about memorial feasts (a community gathering to mark the headstone moving of someone who has passed), cedar carving, how to catch a dungeness crab in low tide, how to clean a crab, how to filet and smoke a fish and how to Stand up Paddleboard (let’s say I’m better at crabbing).   Read more