Friday Anthology 19*June*2015

Well that week flew by. I swear our little dude grew three inches, I unpacked about 750 more boxes. Or maybe it was just 17.

This is officially week three of Anchors + Proteas and I must say hearing all the feedback from friends near and far plus new readers is such a motivator. Did you know Anchors+Proteas has a Facebook page – makes following the conversation easy peasy.

I feel completely blessed to know a lot of people with cool jobs. So if you want to read about two of people with f*#king awesome jobs (such great jobs I feel the need to swear) then jump into the world of Element Botanicals’ Amber Haase and the Brinkman Climate’s Joseph Pallant.

In case you missed it, I walked y’all through my favourite ways gathering city intel. If you’re more digital than analog, check out Calgary Travel Blogger Jody Robbins’ travel app picks here

Have you heard of Steller? It’s a photo/video essay app that is easy to use and marvel over. Check out the cutest story from Cape Town about the weekly dance parties at an old folks home.

So did you hear about the Canadian siblings who stripped down on the top of Malaysia’s most sacred mountain? Then there was an earthquake and then they were arrested. Anthropologist Wade Davis has something to say about the whole episode, I tend to agree: Travel is a privilege, not a right.

The evolution of the Dude. Did you know Jeff Bridges took panoramic photos of every film he was in since the 1980s?

Salmon berries in Stanley Park.
Salmon berries in Stanley Park.

Berry and cherry season is around the corner. In B.C. the salmon berries are starting as are the cherries. Here in Edmonton, the cherries take their time (ripening in August) and are sour – I wrote about prairie cherries in Edmonton’s Avenue magazine.

Dandelions have been on my mind lately – they are the enemy du jour in the prairies. But not to my beekeeping friends Greg and Sarah Greenleese of Meadow Sweet Honey. Sarah shared some dandelion honeycombs with us last weekend – bright yellow, super tangy and yes, tasted like dandelions smell.

You’re so punny. My stationary habit just found another source:   these lovely collaboration cards from Nature’s My Friend & IsaVirtue. See above “You bet Giraffe” and “You’re how old? You’re Lion”.

Cobblestone Jazz's new Northern Lights EP out now.
Cobblestone Jazz’s new Northern Lights EP out now.

I’m listening to this on repeat – because these guys are from Victoria and it takes me back to the good old days.

You know you miss your home province when a colleague gives you the BC Ferries On Board mag and you get weepy. (Or maybe I’m just a crier).


Happy Father’s Day this weekend all you baby daddies!






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