How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jay Cadet?


Relationships are work. Hard work. Joyful work. Sticky work, sexy work, cuddly work, long-talks-into-the-night work. Anyone who says that their relationships isn’t work, is obviously from Disneyland.

Besides your partner, your heart and your mind, I’d say Jay Cadet is the next best person to give you advice on how to make this work seem less like work and more like a walk on the beach, a ride on a pumpkin carriage or a festival of strawberries, sex and mutual gratitude (or whatever you’re into). He’s one of the most truthful writers on the interwebs and at 31 years of age, Jay Cadet is fast becoming the new Doctor Phil.

A friend introduced me to Cadet’s Instagram account this summer and I was hooked. Based in Harlem, Jay specializes in helping unmarried, millennial couples work through their business while keeping that loving feeling. His bite sized advice-o-grams on his Instagram feed have chilled me the f*#k out more than once. He’s a lover who loves to help other lovers, how cool of a job is that? So without much more ado, I introduce to you to Jay Cadet of [co]3 Studio and his f*#king awesome job.

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