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  • Motivation Monday ~ Wise Words from MLK

    Not too much explaining needed here. I feel like my American friends and family need to remember these wise words today and for the next four years. Happy Martin Luther King Day my pals. 

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jay Cadet?

    Relationships are work. Hard work. Joyful work. Sticky work, sexy work, cuddly work, long-talks-into-the-night work. Anyone who says that their relationships isn’t work, is obviously from Disneyland. Besides your partner, your heart and your mind, I’d say Jay Cadet is the next best person to give you advice on how to make this work seem…

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Janine Sebastian?

    For many women flowers are the language of love. And lucky for many gals in the Edmonton-area, Janine Sebastian helps them and the people who love them express that sentiment through beautiful florals. Sebastian is the owner of FaBLOOMosity, an award-winning floral atelier located in the funky brick Mercer Warehouse on 104 Street (aka THE…