Kitimat road trip mission to the best public pool

Kitimat Road trip: the best public pool in Northern BC
Kitimat road trip deets: shadows, Levi’s and the best public pool

If my family had a customized license plate made it might read something like: ‘Will brake for awesome public pools‘. Or more accurately, will drive two extra hours to swim in THE BEST pool in the region.

And so is the gist of an unexpected road trip we ventured out on, last October from Prince Rupert to Kitimat, B.C. We were headed to Terrace from Rupert anyway on a grocery trip, so we thought we would add a couple extra hours to our drive to check out their supposedly sweet public pool. The rumours of the awesomeness of the Kitimat public pool popped up in multiple conversations during our trip. So we thought, ‘what the hell?’ Let’s go.

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How did you get that f*#king awesome job Robin Wasicuna?

Robin Wasicuna: changing Yellowknife cuisine from the driver's seat of a food truck. Photo Credit: Pat Kane Photography
Robin Wasicuna: changing Yellowknife cuisine from the driver’s seat of a food truck. Photo Credit: Pat Kane Photography

To say that Robin Wasicuna is passionate about his craft could be an understatement. Other possible descriptors could include: serious, dedicated or ebullient. As one of the Northwest Territories’ most outspoken and publicly praised chefs, Wasicuna is a boon to both Yellowknife and to the northern food scene in general.

Wasicuna is the owner of Wiseguy Foods, no-nonsense food truck in Yellowknife that serves up fantastic, fresh nosh that never stagnates in flavour nor quality. He’s also run a pop-up restaurant called Numbers at Bayside, hosted underground dinners (think Cinco de Mayo-themed with lots of pork and peppers) and is about to venture into an eatery sans wheels: the Twin Pine Diner at the Arnica Inn. A former Chopped Canada competitor and NWT food ambassador, Wasicuna’s cooked in Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Yellowknife and even in my tiny, Vancouver apartment kitchen. He’s a proud dad and a big softie of a husband.

If Wasicuna were a dessert, he’d be a bourbon and bacon sundae: strong, salty and sweet. Like the sundae ingredients, his booming voice, tattoos and confident demeanor are layered over top of a genuinely delightful personality. Just ask him about northern food, and you see a big serious dude beam from inside out. Read more to find out about his f*#king awesome job after the jump. Read more