Kitimat road trip mission to the best public pool

Kitimat Road trip: the best public pool in Northern BC
Kitimat road trip deets: shadows, Levi’s and the best public pool

If my family had a customized license plate made it might read something like: ‘Will brake for awesome public pools‘. Or more accurately, will drive two extra hours to swim in THE BEST pool in the region.

And so is the gist of an unexpected road trip we ventured out on, last October from Prince Rupert to Kitimat, B.C. We were headed to Terrace from Rupert anyway on a grocery trip, so we thought we would add a couple extra hours to our drive to check out their supposedly sweet public pool. The rumours of the awesomeness of the Kitimat public pool popped up in multiple conversations during our trip. So we thought, ‘what the hell?’ Let’s go.

Kitimat road trip: Levi's and an awesome public pool
Kitimat: ocean views and an awesome public pool

Never heard of Kitimat? Found at the end of the Douglas Channel on the north coast of B.C., Kitimat was originally home to the Haisla indigenous folks. The 9,000 person town is also located in the Great Bear Rainforest and is a mecca for outdoorsy types wanting to hike, kayak, x-country ski, swim and boat as well as learn more about local First Nations culture. Many folks also flock there to possibly catch a glimpse of a rare, white Spirit bear.

Our mission that sunny fall day though wasn’t totally focused on Kitimat’s long list of sweet activities, instead we were intent on a long, languid swim and then some Mr. Mikes burgers before heading west again. Because I grew up in small town B.C. and ate Mr Mike’s after public pool swims too ( aka #childofthe90s). Thus my child shall do the same.

The rumours are true. The Kitimat pool is FANTASTIC. Totally worth each extra kilometre of our 122 kilometre side trip from Terrace. The Sam Lindsay pool has:

  • 25 m six lane pool @ 27.2° (81°F)
  • Shallow tank @ 29.4° (85°F)
  • Sauna: 50-person capacity
  • Hot tub @ 40° (104°F)
  • Lazy river (the fastest I’ve ever floated on – careful!)
  • a Water slide (not open to any little gaffers under 107cm or 42″)
  • Kiddies Pool @ 32.7° (91°F)
  • Leisure Pool @ 30° (86°F)

We mostly spent time in the hotter, shallower pools with our little dude. The floors were lovely and clean, a sparkley white, rough laminate style flooring instead of horrible old tile a la the Vanocuver Aquatic Centre or other public pools of the same age. The Sam Lindsay public pool was fun, varied and the staff were helpful and super attentive regarding safety and rules. After we had a quick burger to Mr. Mikes and literally rode into the sunset back to Prince Rupert, about 2.5 hours away.

So now I’m veering off on another road trip of sorts: to rave about my newest pair of mom jeans. Remember when I was lamenting about only wearing tights a while back? Well I found another pair: Levi’s. Sometimes you find a pair of jeans that wear like a pair of tights. The waist is perfectly high. The wash makes you feel pretty svelte, the length perfectly kisses your feet. And your rear-end feels like a million bucks.

Well, that describes my new Levi’s mid-rise jeans to a T. Yes, I’ve found another pair of #wellworn mom jeans: the mid-rise, indigo Levi’s. I wore them the entire weekend we were in Prince Rupert, Terrace and Kitimat. They kept their shape, were comfy for the epic, public pool road trip.

The best thing besides the fit? The price. At about $70, they are as easy on the eyes as they are on my bank account. I haven’t worn Levis for years. And now I’m in love once again with this brand of my youth. Again: #childofthe90s.

Levi's jeans are the best mom jeans
Jeans so comfy you can sit for hours reading stories

They’re the best jeans to go out for mommy/daddy date, a great pair to wear to the pool or to simply hang with my little and read books for hours. Thanks Levis my old friend, you are truly legendary. Almost as legendary as Kitimat’s public pool.


Where is your favourite public pool? 

*Full disclosure. I worked with Mark’s Canada to make this post happen, all opinions my own. Thanks for supporting the brand who support this blog.*

Kitimat BC roadtrip: fuelled by comfy Levi's jeans and need for an awesome pool






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