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  • Energy boost: a few simple lessons from the past year

    Each year I reflect on accomplishments, challenges and lessons. While I was doing my 2019 navel gaze, I noticed a theme: energy levels. There were a lot of mountains and valleys when it came to how much energy I was expending vs gaining at specific times of the year. So I started a fourth list […]

  • Boho disco dreams are made of these: the best Airbnb in Yucca Valley

    Picture it: in the dark, wet days of winter I plan a sunny SoCal family getaway 3,800 kilometres from our chilly, rainforest home. The goal: a few days spent staying in a stylish, bright boho disco Airbnb while we explore the increasingly not-so-hidden gems north of Joshua Tree National Park. In my head: we’re heading […]

  • March 2019 Anthology: Lady Power Month Edition

    This anthology rounds up some of the best bits of the internet currently tipping her hat to women while also educating us on leadership, great eats and confidence-building dance moves. Make room Oprah and Gayle, here’s my posse of online goal diggers and motivators.

  • Time travels: 2018 in photos

    Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “Photography is a form of time travel.” If that’s true then in the last few years, the human race has become expert time travellers. With the proliferation cameras in our pockets at all times combined with social media, photography as time travel now happens every day. So this begs the question? […]