Boho disco dreams are made of these: the best Airbnb in Yucca Valley

Space-y sleeping quarters at the boho disco Starship Landing: Aurora Airbnb
Space-y sleeps.

Picture it: in the dark, wet days of winter I plan a sunny SoCal family getaway 3,800 kilometres from our chilly, rainforest home. The goal: a few days spent staying in a stylish, bright boho disco Airbnb while we explore the increasingly not-so-hidden gems north of Joshua Tree National Park.

In my head: we’re heading to the slower-paced yet ever-so-funky Yucca Valley to stay to soak in some California sun. According to my research (and advertising by local tourism marketers) the average temperature in February is 24C. Balmy. Warm. Pool-friendly. Full of Joshua tree-filled hikes, visits to outrageously thrift stores, stars gazing events under sparkly, black skies. But the universe had other plans.

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March 2019 Anthology: Lady Power Month Edition

womens history
Happy Womens’ History Month

Happy Womens’ History Month! This last March has been all about the leading women in my life. From my mom helping out with childcare while I was on an epic work trip, to the gal pal who taught me to ‘throw my hip’ in my new LBD to my amazing colleagues past and present. My lady posse exists throughout British Columbia but are they’re also sprinkled like the brightest fucking sparkle confetti in the political wilds of Quebec, the stampeding flatlands of Alberta and the far, far away playgrounds of Australia, the US and South Africa. My women are the ones I turn to in joy and pain, sunshine and rain (to paraphrase these dudes).

This anthology rounds up some of the best bits of the internet currently tipping its hat to women while also educating us on leadership, great eats and confidence-building dance moves.

Pictured above: Moon Wind Trading Co in Yucca Valley, CA, a shop full of ephemera, weavings, crystals, clothes and more. I met a lovely hostess one night at Pappy & Harriet’s and then the next day met here again while she was working at Moon Wind for her very pregnant BFF who owns the place.

The Alison Show – an new instagram to follow featuring pelvic thrusts and booty shakes.

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Time travels: 2018 in photos

The Kettle Valley Railway bridge in Tulameen, B.C.

Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “Photography is a form of time travel.”

If that’s true then in the last few years, the human race has become expert time travellers. With the proliferation cameras in our pockets at all times combined with social media, photography as time travel now happens every day.

So this begs the question? Where did you ‘time travel’ in the past year? I went to a tonney of small towns, some fabulous concerts and maybe a bakery or cocktail bar or two.

It would take me until April to write up pithy, fun summaries of the trips I took throughout British Columbia and Haida Gwaii this year, so instead I’m sharing some of my favourite photos from the past year of road trips, funktastic hotel stays and playtime inside and out. Enjoy hopping the space-time continuum with me for a wee while.

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How did you get that f*#king awesome job Amber Haase?

The beautiful and completely real talker, Amber Haase of Element Botanicals.
The beautiful real talker Amber Haase of Element Botanicals.

Amber Haase, CEO Element Botanicals, Sorrento, British Columbia

The moment you meet Amber Haase, you know she’s legit. She’s one of the most sincere people I know (full disclosure, she’s a dear friend who I met through my partner and I feel like I won the friend lottery). So what does this all this realz-ness entail? Warmth, humour, laughter and ingenuity. She’s also the brains and brawn behind Element Botanicals, a nature-inspired, handmade skincare company based in her family’s beautiful home in the mountain and lake country of the Shuswap region of B.C. For the last 10 years Amber has taken her business from selling soap in Grandview Park in Vancouver to supporting her family with her own two hands (and that of her husband’s) as well as selling their products across Canada, garnering Western Canadian media coverage and becoming a favourite on the indie craft show circuit.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Deline of She's so Eco.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Deline of She’s so Eco.

Because Amber is funny, a bit magical and totally REAL, so she was naturally my first choice for Anchors and Proteas’ regular column: How did you get that f*#king awesome job? I want to insert a HUGE caveat here AND now. I did not come up with this column name, my favourite, now deceased magazine – Readymade – did. It was one of my favourite columns in the DIY mag. I hope to emulate their ethos here (the questions are from my brain with a bit of audience testing from friends/family). As an introvert and general lover of the human race, I am inspired by people who LOVE their jobs. So I thought I would dedicate some space on the world wide web to profiling people who have f*#king awesome jobs: who they are, how they got there and what advice would they give others.

The inspiration for this column: Readymade magazine, the best DIY, living, culture mag to ever exist. RIP.
The inspiration for this column: Readymade magazine, the best DIY, living, culture mag to ever exist. RIP. Photo courtesy of Leah Pence.

So please grab a cup of coffee/tea/wine and enjoy this little peek into Amber’s career. Read more