How I’m Embracing Fragrance this Fall

Embrace Fragrance in the Fall

Conservationist and biologist Rachel Carson once said, “the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it is a pity that we use it so little.”

This year I’m trying to harness my fragrance more as a way to relax and remember. 

Ever since I became a mom my sense of smell has increased by about 400%. Or so it feels. I think it’s a throwback when we were meant to be a bit more Survivor and a bit less Kardashian.

As in, now that I’m responsible to protecting another human life, I can smell things from a much further distance than I’ve ever been able to. From burning lentil soup (easy) to the slight hiss of leaking propane (essential) to that fresh skin smell on after my kiddo’s bath night (bliss). Smells conjure up multi-sensory memories. Whether those fragranced memories are cozy fall hangs at my Grandmother’s while she baked pumpkin pie or wild nights in raucous nights in Puerto Escondido, with a grapefruit-y Paloma in my hand. 

Nest Fragrances come in a variety of Hygge inducing scents

Feathering my nest with fragrance

This fall I’m trying to focus on some easy self care wins. If you remember one of my posts earlier this year, I committed to using my sense of smell more as a part of my Happier podcast inspired “18 for 2018”. So naturally, I leapt at the chance to please my central, freckly facial feature by trying a new brand of fine home scent products by trying Nest Fragrances.

Nest's grapefruit scent reminds me of fun times in Mexico

I’ve always been a sucker for smelly candles, essential oil diffusers and flowers. This fall, I found an even easier-to-use way to scent my home. A New York-based company that’s been around for the last decade, Nest carries everything from candles to creams. Since I’m not near to dear Grandma’s place nor her pumpkin pies these days, I decided to road test the Pumpkin Chai Liquidness Diffuser. Now every time I come upstairs into my living room, I am immediately transported to both my maternal grandparents’ place for Thanksgiving and my best friend’s parents place for a steamy cup of chai. Since fall is my fragrance cue for all things Hygge and warm, the Pumpkin Chai is the perfect mix for my fire-heated living room. Now besides the sense of touch (warmth from my fireplace), my sense of smell is totally indulged with each visit to my living room.

For some reason fall also signals a bit of a clean and refresh on the homefront. I recently redid my room a bit with some Mexican Day of the Dead flags as well as cleaned off my dresser in a fall cleaning flurry. My new Grapefruit Liquidless Diffuser reminds me of strong Palomas and fun on the beach during a holiday in the Oaxaca state of Mexico.

The How To

The best part besides the scent of Nest Liquidless Diffusers? Each set comes with a sleek, mid-century modern holder that allows for maximum air flow plus five diffuser sticks. The instructions recommend 2 sticks for a smaller room and three for a larger room but I found a solo stick does great in my bedroom. Nest goodies are scented using high quality, cosmetic-grade wax and essential oils Nest products both hold fragrance but also disperse them over about 90 days. After about 10 days of use, both my bedroom and living room continued to smell divine.

Nest Fragrances remind me of travels near and far
Nest Fragrances remind me of travel near and far

The best part catering to my sense of smell? The memories I am reminded of each day as I enter either my living room or bedroom. This is one box on my 18 for 2018 list I’m definitely stoked to check.

** I was supplied with Nest products for review. All opinions expressed are completely my own, as always.**





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