Anthology July 2018 ~ Music, Mini-Vacas and Modern Love

July 2018 Anthology: Music, Modern Love, Mini-Vacas
Photo by Moritz Schmidt on Unsplash

I should’ve known I would have my ass handed to me on a platter recently by two new writer friends. This small tale comes with a dose of humility and warning: do NOT play scrabble with writers. Last month, I played scrabble for the first time in five years with two very sharp and lucky minds. I think in the end I was almost double skunked by the time my last tile placed on the board.

Besides my rusty Scrabble skills and lack of rules remembrance, I drew almost 80% vowels. So again, if you fancy yourself a mediocre Scrabble player, play with math nerds, mechanics or other slightly sleep deprived moms. Don’t play with people who pay the bills entirely by their eloquent vocabulary and journalistic skills. Save yourself the fire truck red cheeks and an hour of blushing. 

But rather than wallowing in defeat, let’s focus on what I’m good at, instead: finding and sharing some of the best fun on the web to do with eating, living and traveling.  
The XX: On Repeat at my House
Music: The XX on repeat

There have been lots of change in my life lately, hence a wee span of neglect for Anchors + Proteas. In that space I’ve been listening to The XX’s 2017 album: I See You. Over and over and over again. Just like Sarah McLaughlan, Bon Iver and Tom Petty have all salved my heart in the past, the indie, small case edm album is like a hug for my heart and brain. So so breathy, melodic and even the odd steel drums. What more could a piecing-life-back-together-person want?

Eat: The Cold Summer Treat (kid approved)

Coconuts, strawberries and lime juice. Maybe a dash of honey. That’s it. These easy to make popsicles are a fave in my freezer (almost as much as Dangerous by the XX, almost). 

Say what? Speaking of being shitty at Scrabble

The science of blushing. Thank god someone’s decoded this time-test way of non-verbally communicating. I apparently blush easily. So this is of course this piece from The Atlantic is interesting. 

Thrill: PNW snorkelling

Have I ever mentioned that deep, dark water is one of my largest fears? The last time I went snorkelling was when I was 22 off the northwest coast of Zanzibar. The water was clear. The sand shined silvery white through the clear (did I mention I could see the bottom) water. I snorkelled recently in Gwaii Haanas. It was amazing, exhilarating and completely terrifying because I could not see the bottom if I went deeper than say 10 feet. But somehow I’m hooked and can’t wait to go again.

Scandal: What I'm watching

TV: The Powerhouse Fictional PR gal

Grab some popcorn and expensive red wine and settle into Scandal. I love Olivia. And can’t decide whether I’m team Jake or Fitz. This is brain crack for fellow PR types and politicos.

Growth: crazy Plant Lady

Earlier this year I set out to propagate some succulents thanks handy directions fro Elise Blaha Cripe over at Elise Gets Crafty. It took forever, but finally I have some seafoam green shoots growing alongside some aloe runners and another type of succulent, I’ve also tried rearing. Crazy plant lady status: medium strength.

Haida (Wild) food: protein addiction

Haida Wild is a Haida-owned and operated seafood company harvesting and processing their delectable marine eats on….drum roll… Haida Gwaii (you guessed it). I can’t get enough of their candied Coho. More please.

Solo Dining in Paris.
Photo by Grillot edouard on Unsplash
Travel: On Eating Alone in Paris

Two things make me think of Paris these days. Anthony Bourdain and my handful of friends who have visited this year. When I go to Paris I will try to take this gal’s advice about eating alone in the City of Light.

Travel More: Mini-Vacas

I recently went on an eight hour holiday. Yes you read right. I packed up my kid, snacks, visiting mother and dog and we drove north to Tow Hill and Masset around noon to catch some elusive summer sun. Moon over Naikoon Bakery Bus provided pre-beach snacks, The Trolls soundtrack provided some sweet family car dance parties. The rest of Graham Island was foggy and chilly everywhere except the northern tip of North Beach. I wandered aimlessly while soaking in the sun glorious sun while mom marvelled over agates and my kiddo and dog of course sourced some quality beach sticks. M-A-G-I-C. Some more mini-vaca hacks via travel writer Jody Robbins. 

Glamping: summer camping fantasies

After a failed car camping experiment earlier this month, I’ve been trolling Trillium and Boler sale ads. One day I’ll own a marshmallow trailer that allows me to lay down with my legs straight unlike that back of my little SUV. Have you ever camped in a Boler or Trillium? Do you own one? Any tips? Or shall I just stick to cozy cabin rentals?

Best Podcast of the summer: Modern Love
For your Ears: Writerly love

If you love strong writing, short stories and love, download a few episodes of the New York Times/NPR’s Modern Love podcast. You might cry, you’d definitely listen and you’ll questions all the different forms of love out in this big, wonderful world of ours.





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