More Mom Jean Love: a Little Tight and Just Right this Spring

Spring is often a time of shaking things off and shaking things up. In the Pacific North West, a little spring is finally peeking her cute little face out from the shroud of the long, windy, wet winter. The days are longer. The bird calls are a small chorus. The cherry and salmon berry blossoms are showing off their pink blooms. And I have the equally strong pulls to purge, create and socialize. The last few weekends I’ve been really drawn to listen to all three spring urges, to listen to my intuition.

There was a firemen’s association dinner with a crew of ladies decidedly my senior. There’s been stolen hours in my little basement creative space, working on Oceans of Yarn boho wallhangings. And there’s been a lot of closet cleaning. One of the reasons I can finally clean out my closet is thanks to my mom jean count growing. I did some online perusing the spring denim offers at Mark’s Canada and realized that I’ve tended towards the same styles – indigo, mid rise – for a while. Time for listen to my spring intuition and change things up.

Last month, I received three treasures in the mail, all out of my comfort zone (or recent comfort zone) and all in a size smaller than last fall. The reasons for the incremental waist shrinkage of my waist is for another blog post. But for now, let’s just say that if you’re denim shopping in a shrinking trend of your life, buy a size smaller than you normally would because by the time they arrive, they will likely fit like a glove. I can honestly say this logic has served me well for this round of mom jean fun. Lucky me, two of the three pairs slid on like a pairs of leggings and I didn’t even need a pair of pliers to do them up (insert sarcastic winky face here).

71 More Mom Jean Love: A Little Tight and Just Right
Choosing materials in my Oceans of Yarn space.
71 More Mom Jean Love: A Little Tight and Just Right
A bit tight but just right, my new DH3 Mia jeans are perfect for art space play.

So as I honour my seasonal spring urges – making, organising and connecting, I’ve been wearing my new mom jeans: the DH3 Mia Crop with four way stretch. They are cropped and frayed, a style I don’t normally wear. What I love about the DH3 Mia four way stretch is that they are really great for doing #allthethings.  From getting ready for a BBQ, working on my crafts or hanging out at one of Haida Gwaii’s many secret sunning spots, these jeans are comfortable and don’t stretch out like other denim.

71 More Mom Jean Love: A Little Tight and Just Right
BBQ ready – this is my new favourite Saturday night look.
71 More Mom Jean Love: A Little Tight and Just Right this Spring
Looking for the perfect spot for a sunset BBQ

One of my “18 for 2018” is to get out more and connect with new friends and old, colleague and community. Friends are playing more of a role in life lately as we all slowly unfurl like fiddleheads from our cold season slumbers. It’s also thanks to a couple of dear friends that the photos of this post happened (Haawa Samantha, Tam and Camille). Here I am at the doorstep of 40 and learning to ask for help. As in to to show a little vulnerability and say, “Hey, can I have some of your precious time?”

71 More Mom Jean Love: A Little Tight and Just Right this Spring
Soaking up the sun at my new ‘secret’ picnic spot.
71 More Mom Jean Love: A Little Tight and Just Right this Spring
Trekking up to the secret picnic spot.

So as spring flowers appear and the buzz of bees follow, I need to honour and listen to those little awakenings on repeat: make, let go, call a friend. Also, I’ll make sure I keep wearing these perfectly fitting mom jeans. Might as well feel good and look good while the universe is hinting at what you need to do and when, right?

What do you like best about spring? 

Mom Jeans: 4 way stretch, 3 outfits

** This post was sponsored by Mark’s Canada. All views are my own and were not reviewed. Thanks for supporting the brands that support my spring creative urges.**






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