New Kid on the Etsy Block: Introducing Oceans of Yarn

New Etsy shop: Oceans of Yarn, boho beachy wallhangings
New kid on the Etsy Block

Have you ever started a creative endeavour that you can’t stop? That you think about in the shower or when you’re about to fall asleep or when you see a certain colour on a beach walk? Yep. That’s me for the last few months. So Oceans of Yarn was born.

Oceans of Yarn established 2016…

This time last year I started making wallhangings and simple tapestries for friends. I am a collector (ask my partner, he will tell you all kinds of stories) of shiny things, misshapen things, of broken things, of industrial things or wooden things… on the beach. I’m a knitting class drop out. I am NOT good a following those patterns or casting on or off. But boy do I love wool.

Inspired by the style of Justina Blakeney over at Jungalow, the colours of Lola Y Tula and the motivational podcasts of mega crafty mom Elise Blaha Cripe, I decided to take the plunge and pedal my wares to the outside world.

So I started a little side project that turned from one to another and  another. I entered an art show. I sent gifts. I did a couple commissions. All for free. Because I love this new craft. And now, here we are, one year later, I’ve decided to sell my decorative pieces under the banner Oceans of Yarn on Etsy. If you like colour, seashells, driftwood and foraged boho finds then these babies are your jam.

The Grand Dame: available in our Oceans of Yarn Etsy shop

Enough words, more pictures –> on over to Oceans of Yarn on Etsy. Even if you don’t love them, maybe you have a bohemian friend who loves textured, handmade items from the far, far west coast of Canada? Feel free to forward, love, comment or repost. In the mean time, I’m heading out for another dip into the impressive yarn collection inhabiting our home.





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  1. Sarah Greenleese Avatar
    Sarah Greenleese

    I proudly have my yarn project that we made together long ago hanging upstairs! Good memories with you. Glad to see you are still being so cool with yarn.

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