Anthology ~ September edition ~ Getting Healthy

Weekend Anthology: September 2017 Best of the Net Micah. H

And just like that summer slipped through our fingers. No. Wait. It’s still here. Oh nevermind, it’s not. Welcome to the frenetic September weather on Haida Gwaii where there’s a little summer, a little fall and a heck of a lot of rain. Sometimes.

Regardless, life is still about beach meals, getting healthy, sandy toes, daily walks/hikes and laundry. Always laundry. And dogs. We’ve recently inherited two cuddly, messy, mouth-breathing, toddler-loving black labs. They are fabulous hikers but not fabulous mammalian snooze buttons. As in: my alarm goes off and I can’t hit snooze three times because the dogs wake up with the first buzz and then are panting and wagging in our faces well before the snooze alarm goes off. C’est la vie. Small trade off for having two fun, new, four legged September adventure buddies.

My besties continue to plan our 2018 Italy trip. We’re moving our big girls trip to June/July next year instead of May as originally planned. We’ll see. Fingers crossed we can all make it happen. In other words: save enough Euros, beg our partners to let us escape parenting for a couple shifts to sun ourselves silly while eating pasta, drinking wine and cackling like hyenas.

Speaking of mom jeans, I recently interviewed a denim expert for a future blog post (hint hint, watch this space for some CUTE goodies from an unlikely Canadian retailer). We talked motherhood and the horror of jean shopping post baby. Now I’m feeling pretty rad and actually not scared to shop for my next pair of denim duds.

On to some links now.

I’ve been going for many mini hikes, which are kind of a form of ‘nature bathing’ according to my friend Catherine Roscoe Barr from The Life Delicious says is great for your brain and body. I’m also bound and determined to get healthy, starting this September . I’ve been experimenting with portion control, paying attention to how I feel when I eat certain foods and exercising daily. #Mindfulness + #PeaceoutBabyFat

A DEAR friend and mompreneur friend just organised the most beautiful adult camp called Lost + Found. It was a mix of DIY, magic and fermenting workshops and boy did it look fun. Check out the pics here.

Sage advice from Dolly Parton, Michelle Obama, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler via Sarah Von Bargen’s blog of all things whipsmart.

Straighten up. How to battle mom shoulders, aka bad posture.

Winter is coming people, so get your Netflix agenda sorted. Marissa from Postcards to Seattle shares her fave travel-inspired shows online.

Probably the best DIY I’ve seen in a long time from Allie over at Settling in Sawdust. Hint: for taco lovers for sure.

Did you know you can meditate while you walk? Here’s a 10 meditation soundtrack from the Mindful folks for your next hike. I warned you, I’m all about the healthy stuff this month (she types with chocolate cake batter on her cheek).

Lastly, a fab piece again by Sarah Von Bargen about how to make friends as an adult. I feel like a certain world leader needs to head these tips. Hey Donald?

What are you reading these days? Share below por favor. And don’t forget to bring Tacos over (see DIY link above).





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