Anthology ~ April 2017 ~ Mama Earth Edition

April Link Round up: Mama Earth edition

Do you remember your first Earth Day celebration?

My recollections are a bit fuzzy, but I can remember what I looked like when my Earth Day awareness started. Braces, spiral perm, high wasted pants and GIANT gold rimmed glasses. (I know this because I recently found some very awkward grade seven photos – ermagawd).

I think my first Earth Day celebration had something to do with recycling. I was on my elementary school’s recycling committee and we were very passionate about getting paper recycling set up in our early 90s classrooms. Fast forward to young adulthood – there were marches, drum circles, hikes, waitressing shifts, exams, camping trips. This year we tried to spend a good chunk of out time upping our biophilia on a little hike down about half of the Petsuta Trail in Naikoon Provinvial Park. It was a successful hike by toddler parent standards. We wandered about five kilometres round trip through a rainforest, along the banks of a river and then back through the forest. The kiddo was a champ and I’m pretty sure he equates outside time with feeling healthy and happy. So… parenting win?

This month’s anthology focuses on Earth Day and Mother Nature – from earthy drinks to some sweet videos, I hope you enjoy this little link round up. 

I’ve been experimenting with versions of these vitamin, protein and anti-oxidant filled elixirs lately. These drinks are my new addiction and they are healthy.

Hey Vancouver, have you ever noticed all the box gardens in the DTES? A green thumb read about Soul Food urban street farms from Alive Magazine.

Here’s 12 Earth-focused Ted Talks – aka what I listen to while sorting my recycling or doing yard work.

Nature Rx – the newest wonder drug on the market.

The Environmental cost of one day on Earth. Ugh.

Best gym buddy every: meet Ndakasi from Virunga National Park.

Good Magazine rounded up their picks for 20 of the best signs from last weekend’s #MarchforScience. My fave: Chemistry Made Trump’s Spray Tan.

Lastly – get ready for a dang beautiful video of my home. It’s easy to love the earth when you’re in places like THIS.

How do you celebrate your love for the planet? 





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