Guest Post: What to Wear for that Long Weekend getaway


Guest post by Miranda Sam, Style By Fire 

As summer wanes, we naturally try to make the most of what’s left of the sunny season. For some this involves, one last getaway trip over the Labour Day long weekend. No matter where you’re headed – Banff, Victoria, Kelowna, Chicago or Seattle – the best way to pack is minimal: try not to overpack. Yes, this can be harder than not turning on Netflix at home. Just because it’s available doesn’t mean you have to use it!

The last few trips I went on were to New York, Seattle, and Toronto. I learned that having fewer but more versatile items like an infinity scarf did wonders. Not only did it add colour, it was great to cover my head whenever it got a bit chilly. There was also that time when I went to Whistler for the weekend and packed way too much. Oh, we live and we learn. For my upcoming Chicago getaway, I’m determined to pack just enough.

For starters, I recommend not using anything larger than a carry-on. That’s airline size regulation carry-on, not what you think you can get away with. Next, pack things that serve multiple purposes or are basic enough that people won’t notice that you’re wearing it two days in a row.

Check out this list of versatile fashion musts for your weekend getaway after the jump. 

The Chrysalis Cardi: the definition of versatility
The Chrysalis Cardi: the definition of versatility

Chrysalis cardi – Perfect for the breezy inner harbour in Victoria

Originally I was going to recommend an infinity scarf, but decided to suggest the Chrysalis Cardi by enCircled because it’s that amazing. You can wear this item of endless possibilities as a cardigan, one-shouldered dress, cape, and even a scarf! Always have one of these in your closet, let alone while traveling.

Hats look great and keep travel hair under control.
Hats protect you from the sun and keep travel hair under control.

Hat – Keep cool in Kelowna‘s Okanagan sun

A friend said to me recently that when she lived abroad and went out at night with a hat, she always had more fun. I think she’s right. Since hats aren’t common accessories, anytime anyone wears one they’re immediately seen as more fun loving. Plus, a hat serves two practical purpose of shading you from the sun and distracting people from noticing you’re wearing the same jeans. Again.

The cool cover up: a jean jacket.
The cool cover up: a jean jacket.

Jean jacket – layer up in Chi-town

When it’s cool at night, what are you going to throw over that halter maxi dress? A jean jacket is your best friend. You probably already have a pair of jeans packed, but don’t worry about too much denim. It’s really not a bad thing this season.

The basic tee AKA the easy t-shirt.
The basic tee AKA the easy t-shirt.

Basic tee – perfect for exploring downtown Seattle

This might sound super lazy, but if you’re short on space, you can wear a basic t-shirt as a night shirt for two days then wear it in public the day you return from the trip. Thank goodness normcore is all the rage. Don’t we all love trends that allow us to be our average selves.

Lipstick: your smallest, best fashion friend.
Lipstick: your smallest, best fashion friend.

Lipstick – a pop of colour for Rocky Mountain happy hour in Banff

Regardless of what you’re wearing, a pop of lipstick is the trick to take your look to the next level. Go for bold colours if you’re going to don a super comfy weekend look. A shade that’s too neutral won’t look like a fashion statement, not to mention you’ll probably feel like you’re wearing office attire. MAC, Makeup Forever, and even Sephora brand offer a range of great shades.

Whatever you end up bringing on your mountain/beach/city getaway, pack like you’re going for a closet purge: if you don’t wear it, chuck it!

What else is on your list of must-pack items?

** Miranda-Sam-headshot-sqA big thanks to Miranda Sam for her guest post. Sam is the editor of Style by Fire. She absolutely loves shopping, retail, fashion, and has been featured on CTV on different occasions to share her expertise. Her fashion guilty pleasures include MAC lipsticks and Saffiano leather.

Tweet her @StylebyFire or find her on Instagram.





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