How did you get that F*#king Awesome Job Gardenia Woodhams-Roberts?

Grandmas are the best. They help us learn about our family’s past and share advice on where to steer our family’s future. Mine help me define my style, find my voice and dig out my strength. Last year I discovered a fellow creative, whose grandmothers mean the world to her too.

This month’s f*#king awesome jobber has a healthy respect for her two Abuelitas. Lola y Tula owner Gardenia Woodhams-Roberts, an LA native who imports the most gorgeous Mexican textiles, garments and accessories loves her grannies so much she named her company after them.

“It is their model of integrity and pride I would like to mirror with the beautiful items featured on ‘Lola y Tula’. Just like them, each item is extraordinary and exemplifies the highest standard of quality, traditions, artistry and the story of generations carrying out the customs of the people of Mexico,” notes Woodhams-Roberts.

I first discovered Lola y Tula and #girlboss Gardenia via her mega vibrant Instagram feed. She’s chums with former Vancouverite Jaime Kowal and her textiles and wares adorn many California abodes, including one of my favourite Palm Springs hotels: The Junipero.  Her snaps are filled with the colours of the rainbow and traditional Mexican weavings and patterns from a number of regions. Last year I asked Woodhams-Roberts to share her story and tips on being the CEO/CFO/CAO of a beautiful textile company built on lady power and granny love.   Read more

How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jeremy Koreski?

Jeremy Koreski goes deep.
Jeremy Koreski goes deep.

His body of work spans decades, he’s worked with a huge range of respectable brands (Patagonia, Clifbar, Adidas, Sitka to name a few) and he’s one of Canada’s eminent surf photographer and videographers. These are all accolades that could swell any head or distract any big shot from the issues that matter in their home town.

But for Tofino, B.C.-based photographer Jeremy Koreski, an experience swimming in a pool of 15,000 salmon in a river on Vancouver Island, spurred him to take on a newer, and some would argue, more important project. Enter his photo book: This is Nowhere. A gorgeous, black, hard covered photo tome replete with lush greens, brilliant blues and deep oranges, the coffee table staple is part ode to life on British Columbia’s coast and part archive of the species that millennia-old, coastal ecosystems. Like me, Jeremy loves salmon and wants to share just how they are the backbone, the canary and the focal species of coastal communities and forest webs of life.  Read more

How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jay Cadet?


Relationships are work. Hard work. Joyful work. Sticky work, sexy work, cuddly work, long-talks-into-the-night work. Anyone who says that their relationships isn’t work, is obviously from Disneyland.

Besides your partner, your heart and your mind, I’d say Jay Cadet is the next best person to give you advice on how to make this work seem less like work and more like a walk on the beach, a ride on a pumpkin carriage or a festival of strawberries, sex and mutual gratitude (or whatever you’re into). He’s one of the most truthful writers on the interwebs and at 31 years of age, Jay Cadet is fast becoming the new Doctor Phil.

A friend introduced me to Cadet’s Instagram account this summer and I was hooked. Based in Harlem, Jay specializes in helping unmarried, millennial couples work through their business while keeping that loving feeling. His bite sized advice-o-grams on his Instagram feed have chilled me the f*#k out more than once. He’s a lover who loves to help other lovers, how cool of a job is that? So without much more ado, I introduce to you to Jay Cadet of [co]3 Studio and his f*#king awesome job.

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How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jackie Kai Ellis?

Nordstrom Vancouver Campaign: Jackie Kai Ellis shows of her Parisien cool.
Nordstrom Vancouver Campaign: Jackie Kai Ellis shows of her Parisian cool. Photo credit: Jake Rosenberg.

Nordstrom fever can be felt everywhere in Vancouver these days. My social media feed is full of beautiful images from all of their preview parties and activities held in the last few months.

The popular American department store opens up on September 18 but for months Nordstrom’s has built admiration amongst Vancouverites. How better to do this than to invite one of Vancity’s best loved food personalities on to their ambassador team: Jackie Kai Ellis. If the super-chic store is trying to align themselves with folks who live with with style and flair, it’s only natural that they chose Ellis.

If you were to write a text book on how to switch lanes, change your life and follow your professional (and personal) dreams with grace, then Ellis would be a case study. A lifelong baker, she owned a successful design firm in Vancouver before deciding to close shop, move to Paris to learn how to bake for a year. She returned to Vancouver to open Beaucoup Bakery (aka my happy place, mmm, almond croissants), become a food, style and travel writer and now owns a tour company. The Paris Tours takes people to all of her favourite, pastry haunts in Paris. Sign me up.

She’s a dynamo, that as one friend said, is bound to have her own tv show one day. All the flattery aside, Ellis is a lifelong baker who worked hard to realize a life full of the good stuff: a life full of change, adventure, travel and good food.

Click on the jump below to meet Ellis and her take on how to work really hard to get what you want out of life.  Read more