Women Who Work It: International Women’s Day 2018

As the queen of pop once said herself: “Who runs the world? Girls!” Happy International Women’s Day 2018! And thanks Bey.

Over the last three years I’ve been privileged enough to work with and interview a tonne of talented women. Editors, writers, moms, travelers, entrepreneurs, chocolate tasters, flower artists. You name it, women are working it. Today in honour of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share some of these How Did you get that F*#king Awesome Job interviews with some kick ass women.

From globe trotting yoga instructors to ethical shoe makers, I’ve been lucky to chat with and meet so many inspiring women throughout the last few years. Women like Jackie Kai Ellis, who left a high powered career to learn to bake, open her own bakery and Paris tour company (and write a memoir) or Emily Wight a mom and science communicator who went from blogger to cookbook author.

Thanks to all the ladies who help me out day to day, week by week, year by year, make this little corner of the internet the bright, positive and empowering place it is! I hope you enjoy learning about the secrets to what it takes to do f*#king awesome jobs by reading the posts below.

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Motivation Monday – Mastering Meditation

Yoga, meditation and music this weekend at Bloom Edmonton.
Yoga, meditation and music are all on the slate this weekend at Bloom Edmonton.

This weekend I’m going to try something that scares the bejeebers out of me. No I’m not jumping off a bridge attached to a spring cord. I’m not going to play with large snake or try to tame a grizzly. It’s much scarier than that – I’m going to try to slow my brain down and learn how to meditate at Bloom. I’ve tried to mediate in the past – usually at the end of yoga class. My inner monologue usually goes something like this:

‘Okay Miranda, calm down, don’t think about anything. Just think of peace. Like beaches and baby orcas and those silver peace earrings you had in grade 10. Oh, I’m hungry. What did I take out for dinner? Shoot, I need to stop at the grocery store. Oh yeah, and I have to call the daycare. Focus, focus. What am I going to wear to that thing next week? Uh oh, I have an article due on the 15th and my main interview subject hasn’t called back. Back to the beach, come on brain. Ugh’.

Most of my handful of meditation attempts have gone this way. So I’m going big: I’m signed up to attend Bloom, a yoga, music and meditation festival taking place in Edmonton this weekend. I’m going to learn how to mediate. Read more

How did you get that f*#king awesome job Grace Dubery?


Imagine a crowd of thousands of people dressed in white, doing yoga in a giant public space in Paris or Toronto, dedicating their practice to peace. Next, picture people doing yoga to encourage grassroots activism and leadership in South Africa.

Close your eyes and visualize yoga classes in the prisons, schools, special need centers, HIV/AIDS support groups and rural villages of Kenya, all the while, connecting newbie Kenyans with yoga teachers from around the globe.

Involved in all of these is a serene, beautiful yoga teacher from Toronto: Grace Dubery. She teaches at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where a close friend of mine takes her classes and raves about her serene, stretchy vibe.

Dubery leads a GIGANTIC yoga version of Diner en Blanc called the Lole White Tour (minus the booze and potluck) where thousands of yogis dress in white, practice their asanas on yellow mats to music. Sign me up.

Originally from in Portugal, Dubery moved to Montreal as a teen and studied Political Science and African Studies in both Montreal and Nairobi. She began teaching yoga in 2006 and has used her practice to connect communities and people in many parts of the world. In 2011, she traveled to South Africa with Off the Mat, Into the World ® to support HIV/AIDS health, education and prevention programs. If the objective of yoga to help people become both grounded and present, then the movement is lucky to have Dubery as a passionate, globe-trotting facilitator.

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