How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jamie McCue?

Jamie McCue is head curator at Silent Season Recordings
Jamie McCue is head curator at Silent Season Recordings


Jamie McCue is a gardener in a metaphorical and practical sense of the word.

Metaphorically speaking, McCue tends to an internet-based community garden called Silent Season Recordings. It’s a deep, moist swath of bandwidth that grows luxuriant electronic fruits and rhythms dripping off plants (aka music producers) from around the globe. McCue’s garden is respected and admired. Folks from near and far line up to purchase the melodic harvest of electronica in the form of downloadable music files, Compact Discs and vinyl. The plants in his virtual garden are always healthy, his produce sells out quickly.

Step back to earth, McCue tends to his gardens of human networks and his family’s massive flower and veggie commons. He is both a real-life gardener. At one time he even had chickens and fruit trees. But besides his backyard tendencies, McCue is a man who cultivates friendships, networks and citizen collectives. (See: @comoxvalleybuzz @CVWebposse @architexture)

It’s with great pleasure I interviewed McCue this week about his job as CEO of Silent Season Recordings. He started the boutique, electronic music label in 2007 and it’s been blooming ever since. What was once a hobby and passion project now is self-sufficient, bringing in a modest income. Silent Season’s modus operandi is simple: seek out deep techno reflective of the landscapes McCue loves best: the verdant rainforests of Vancouver Island. All the while, he’s built relationships with music producers and released their work to the rest of the world to much acclaim (Silent Season was dubbed Label of the Month by EDM bible Resident Advisor). Being chief curator of Silent Season is quite an undertaking. It involves a lot of time, energy and focus. Quite similar to gardening, really.

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