Travel City Guides – My Four Sources for Urban Intel


When preparing for travel – what type of guidance do you look for? Do you seek out advice of friends/family who travelled to your destination before? Do you skidaddle straight to Chapters to grab a Moon/Lonely Planet/Fodor’s? Or do you head to places like Trip Advisor or Yelp?

I was recently asked by an acquaintance who works in the tourism sector where I looked for local haps and sweet places to visit/eat/drink/stay/shop. For the last seven years or so I’ve used the four methods below to ferret out urban intel. My city travel style is usually a mix of hip & hot, off the beaten park path and as local as I can get. Though I’m leaning a little bit more towards electronic advic  these days (hello twitter chats, Instagram, Facebook groups), my favourite city guides are analog. Check out my picks for navigating new metropolis after the jump…. Read more

A Rocky Mountain Getaway & Aboriginal Destinations

Photo courtesy of Sprit Bear Lodge/Doug Neasloss
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Kendall Barber checks out a Jasper National Park view (Photo courtesy of Kendall Barber)

Things are a little busy in Anchors & Proteas land – see post above. So instead of regaling you with the virtues of Cape Town, South Africa (one of my favourite cities), I’ll do a little story recycling. Once our internet is set up, my living room doesn’t look like a grenade went off and we have spent ample time in our new backyard admiring the tiny beet/pea/potatoe/onion shoots, I’ll write something original.

But for today I’m reusing. Last week two of my travel stories were published online. Read more

North, West, South

Little Beach, Maui.
Little Beach, Maui.

I love the satisfaction of pushing in yet another pin onto my travel map. What I love even more is sharing travel experiences with friends and family. Because if you have a great experience, why wouldn’t you want someone else to have it too, right? When friends ask where to find the best taco/croissant/whiskey sour/comfy & stylish rooms to sleep spots in the places on my  travel map, I’m super stoked to send them to my fave spots en route.

Case in point. Recently a friend went to Maui and was posting her gorgeous, lush, sandy, palm tree filled photos on Instagram. I spent a month on Maui seven years ago, and ate at an amazing little taco truck on a rural road on the way to some lava beds and beaches (yes, yes, this could describe many-a-road on the Hawaiian isles). I commented that she should check said truck out, where to find it.  Then, BLAM! The next day she was posting saliva-inducing photos of her taco truck seafood feast. I felt like I made a tiny, but helpful, drop in the giant interweb bucket of travel tips.

In the last few months I’ve been sharing my travel experiences with Vitamin Daily readers. One of Canada’s largest online lifestyle blogs, Vitamin daily delivers daily doses of fresh life, beauty, travel and food tips across Canada. Read more