Tag: Travel Tuesday

  • Travel City Guides – My Four Sources for Urban Intel

    When preparing for travel – what type of guidance do you look for? Do you seek out advice of friends/family who travelled to your destination before? Do you skidaddle straight to Chapters to grab a Moon/Lonely Planet/Fodor’s? Or do you head to places like Trip Advisor or Yelp? I was recently asked by an acquaintance […]

  • A Rocky Mountain Getaway & Aboriginal Destinations

    Things are a little busy in Anchors & Proteas land – see post above. So instead of regaling you with the virtues of Cape Town, South Africa (one of my favourite cities), I’ll do a little story recycling. Once our internet is set up, my living room doesn’t look like a grenade went off and […]

  • North, West, South

    I love the satisfaction of pushing in yet another pin onto my travel map. What I love even more is sharing travel experiences with friends and family. Because if you have a great experience, why wouldn’t you want someone else to have it too, right? When friends ask where to find the best taco/croissant/whiskey sour/comfy […]