Long-Haul Flight Essentials: Travel Bloggers Tell All

Flying more than five hours usually means getting to an exotic destination, like Mexico City, Maui or Ottawa (in some circles, this place is exotic, right?). Over the years, I’ve learned the basic tenets of surviving long flights: drink lots of water, try to sleep, relax, walk around frequently. But you need some creature comforts to help you do these things along the way. When I surveyed some fellow travel blogger buddies, their answers were similar to my list of must-pack items, too.

Okay now some time for #RealTalk or as some might say #TMI for the sake of learning. I once woke up from a flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam with a trail of dried saliva on my black shirt, it was as though a snail had crawled out of the corner of my mouth and made it half way down my Club Monaco long sleeved tee. I had another full day of travel to get to Nairobi. It was surprisingly hard to clean off and the only shirt I had access to for almost 72 hours. Another time I spilled a full gin & tonic on my lap (hello juniper crotch). Since these two very graceful and suave incidents, I’ve never been able to sleep on a plane and I ALWAYS pack a spare shirt.

Other than a second, drool-free shirt here are my long-haul, must-haves: a spare change of clothes (tee, socks, comfy pants like these 100 Wash Flare Leg Pant from Mark’s Work Warehouse Athleisure line), some moisturizer like Element Botanicals’ Potion Facial Elixir and a form of entertainment like a bushel full of magazines, a page turner of a book or a million podcasts loaded up on my phone from the likes of Tiffany Han, Reply All and/or Serial. Pro-tip, I also ALWAYS carry a photo copy and/or emailed copy of travel documents like my driver’s license and passport. *

Let’s find out what my blogger friends bring, sans embarrassing travel stories.  Read more