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  • The Quest for Mom Jeans: Top Tips from a Denim Expert

    These days shopping for jeans as a mom in her late 30s is almost as torturous as bikini shopping as an insecure 18 year old. I used to own tonnes of jeans, I loved jeans. I wore denim as much as possible. As a 29 year old I owned exactly two pairs of stretchy pants […]

  • Shopcouver: An Insider’s guide to Shopping in Vancouver

    Guest Post By: Miranda Sam, founder Style by Fire Not even five years ago, when “Vancouver” and “fashion” were used in the same sentence, Goretex would have been thrown in the mix — okay, and maybe Lululemon too. But times sure have changed, and soon enough, Vancouver just may take over Toronto as the Canadian city […]

  • Get Outta Town: 5 small town Alberta shopping road trips

    Do you ever get the urge to drive straight out of town until the mega malls disappear in your rearview and the traffic thins out? I do. Lately I’ve been poking around in the suburbs and small towns near Edmonton for my shopping fix, which has lead to some pretty fruitful mini-road trips. These half day […]