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  • Motivation Monday: Define your Happy Place

    Some sad news on Sunday, September 18 led me to my happy place. Weird right. As in how can the sad face, bring on the happy face? Answer: a big hit of nostalgia. South African Kwaito star Mandoza died last night and after shedding a couple of tears I wound my way down the a […]

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Jamie McCue?

      Jamie McCue is a gardener in a metaphorical and practical sense of the word. Metaphorically speaking, McCue tends to an internet-based community garden called Silent Season Recordings. It’s a deep, moist swath of bandwidth that grows luxuriant electronic fruits and rhythms dripping off plants (aka music producers) from around the globe. McCue’s garden is […]

  • Friday Anthology 5*June*2015

    This week is moving week for us. Each night after work and daycare pick up we’ve been trundling a station wagon and mini van full of boxes to our new pad. We’re on the verge of finally leaving our waaaaayyyy long house sitting gig at the in-laws. I’ll miss the country but I’m itching to […]