Tag: Motivation Monday

  • Motivation Monday: Gratitude is the best Attitude

    Thanks. Merci. Haaw’a. Gracias. Enkosi Kakhulu. Baie Dankie, Thank you. Since late last October, after an amazing trip that was totally worth being thankful for, I started saying thank you every day. Meaning I wrote, rather texted, what I was thankful for every day and fired it off to my stepmom. In December, I looped […]

  • Motivation Monday ~ Wise Words from MLK

    Not too much explaining needed here. I feel like my American friends and family need to remember these wise words today and for the next four years. Happy Martin Luther King Day my pals. 

  • Motivation Monday: Define your Happy Place

    Some sad news on Sunday, September 18 led me to my happy place. Weird right. As in how can the sad face, bring on the happy face? Answer: a big hit of nostalgia. South African Kwaito star Mandoza died last night and after shedding a couple of tears I wound my way down the a […]

  • Motivation Monday: When All Else Fails Look Up

    Here again is a guest post from my friend IRL (about 25 years) and Instagram bud AJ Staples. You can find more shots of her adorably gigantic pups plus a series of writing exercises she did for over a year in her Instagram feed. Her photos and text, when read one after another, are like […]