Motivation Monday ~ Wait out the Storm


We went to our first Instameet as a family this weekend. As we prepared to leave, the clouds gathered, the wind blew. The traffic snarl that is summer construction season was a gong show as we exited the city to drive east. Our route to the destination – Elk Island National Park – was straight into the middle of Mordor-esque clouds. By the time we arrived, the skies opened and were spewing a drenching rain.

I was so excited to attend, though, so we drove up. An hour after we passed through Elk Island’s gates, the storm was in full tilt. The meet up was in a covered area, so we all stood around chomping on donuts and brownies and chips waiting out the storm. When it stopped the sun rose again like a giant warm hug, drying us off and making the park all the more verdant.

Our son hopped in puddles, checked out the fwah-wahs (flowers) and guks (ducks) and chopped his first roasted hot dog. I snapped a hundred mediocre photos and about two good ones. The sun was warm and mellow and I chatted with other instameet’ers about photography geekery.

I’m so glad we waited out the storm, because it was the perfect soggy then sunny kick off to summer season.