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  • Tread Lightly on Mama Earth: ways to lower your travel footprint

    Happy Earth Day! Here is a little story about tourism and it’s impacts on the earth… When I used to live in Vancouver, I used to walk the seawall almost daily. In the summer when everyone flocked to English Bay for a day or afternoon at the beach the local public garbage cans along the […]

  • Weekend Anthology ~~ 29*August*2015

    F*#king awesome jobber Amber Haase turned me on to spritzers a few years back and I’m all over these. Speaking of booze, have you read Roads & Kingdom’s happy hour feature: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere? Did you know when pigs leave a stress-free, happy life their tales are curly? We learned this at Alberta Open […]

  • How did you get that f*#king awesome job Greg and Sarah Greenleese?

    Did you know that there are 169 million bees in Alberta and the province produces 40% of Canada’s honey? The Greenleeses do. Greg and Sarah Greenleese are two of Alberta’s 800 beekeepers and are pretty much some of the sweetest conservationists you’ll meet in Alberta (pun fully intended). When Sarah talks about her bees, her face […]

  • Guest Post: Chomping down on the King of Fruit in Malaysia

    By Deborah Tan & Ian Muirhead If you eat one thing in Malaysia, make it a durian. Durian is one of the most acquired tastes in the world. A hard, spikey shell houses this intimidating “king of fruit” and certainly makes it worthy of its moniker. It reigns in every way: the smell, the taste, the […]