Friday Anthology ~ 31*June*2015 +++ A GIVEAWAY

It’s show and tell time plus a giveaway. Remember when you were able to bring a batch of cookies to school because your mom baked too many so you gave them out after show’n’tell? Well this is kinda the same thing. I love share what’s making me smile so here goes… stay with me until the bottom of the post and the AWESOME little give away. Read more

24 Hours in Drumheller, Alberta: Dinosaurs, Villages and Family Friendly Fun

The ephemera of the Last Chance Saloon keeps both you and old occupied until your food arrives.
The ephemera of the Last Chance Saloon keeps both you and old occupied until your food arrives.

As we scrambled down a steep, clay covered canyon I decided to swallow my pride and just slide down on my backside. I was the caboose on this little, yet treacherous, hike down to a plateau overlooking the many levels of Horse Thief Canyon. I slide down, back side grazing the clay because I had a 24 pound human on my back and was feeling about as sure footed as a newborn foal.

Once at the bottom of the 25 metre descent, I stood up, kid chattering away on my back, dusting off my clay covered gluteus.   The only other backside slider in my hiking group was my friend’s five year old daughter. We gave each other high fives after our little scramble and set out to examine the many interesting rocks protruding from the crumbling clay and sandstone of the canyon sides. There was even an area flat enough to let my son down and out of the backpack to waddle along the plateau.

Welcome to the canyons and hoodoos surrounding Canada’s dinosaur capital, Drumheller, Alberta.

My hiking buddies were a five-year old, nine year old (who leapt from steep surface to surface like a gazelle) and two of my dearest friends, their parents. Rewind to 48 hours previous when I received a welcome but totally spontaneous invite to join them in Drumheller. See my previous post about last minute travel decisions here.

You, see, when you get a call from a friend who lives faraway on Vancouver Island, you drop weekend plans and start packing tout de suite.   Read more