Motivation Monday: On Procrastinating

For the last two months I’ve had a wonderfully creative, amazing, glittery, golden idea in my mind. But it hasn’t happened. I’ve been procrastinating big time. Thinking, planning, daydreaming, reading, pinning about this idea but not doing.

Until this past weekend.

I’m building an alter/bookshelf this month like my life depends on it. I’ve been reading Sonia Choquette’s Tune In: Let your Intuition Guide you to Fulfillment and Flow.

The theory is that this alter will ground me. It will be a place to practice my newly researched, “tuning in”. This little gold/white/pine structure will hopefully invoke creativity, love, forgiveness, patience and doing-ness. My shelf will channel Barbara Streisand with it’s 70s pattern, gleam the gold of South Africa’s Karoo region, the bright whites of floating clouds and some untouched pine to anchor me to Mama Earth. This alter/shelf is meant to remind of my ability to listen to what Choquette called my Kefi, my inner voice, my gut. No pressure, right?  Read more

My First Furniture DIY: A Travel-Inspired Breakfast Table

 A Palm Springs-inspired breakfast table (AKA an upcycled closet door.
A Palm Springs-inspired breakfast table (AKA an upcycled closet door.

A couple weeks back I wrote about the itch I get every January. To scratch that itch, I decided to try out a travel-inspired DIY project. The folks at the Edmonton Renovation Show approached me last year to be one of their local bloggers to participate in this super cool upcycling challenge. We had to pick up a door, any door, from the local Re-Store and renovate it to become whatever we wanted. Some of my fellow up cyclers did some rad stuff with theirs: one made a bean bag toss game, another a galactic inspired door, another a record rack/table.

Here’s my little inspiration blurb that’s accompanying my creation at the Edmonton Renovation Show:

As a huge fan of Palm Springs and the mid-century modern aesthetic found in the homes and hotels of that area, I was hoping to create something that harkens back to the era of Rat Pack parties and pops of colour. I chose a closet door that has a Danish teak look to it. There will be some geometrics involved as an ode to the triangular Albert Frey-designed Palm Springs Tramway gas station that now serves as a tourist destination.

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Weekend Anthology ~ January 2016

Morning ritual c/o the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in PSP
Morning ritual c/o the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in PSP

Every year around this time I get the itch. The Palm Springs itch. The Coachella itch. The incredibly strong pull south to the desert itch.

Every January, the Coachella line up is released, a flurry of tickets sell out and I’m left yearning for days of sun, music, dancing and friends. After the festival, we usually spend a few more days with poolside drinks and patio ceviche or coffee at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club or mini-excursions to explore the other nooks and crannies of the Coachella Valley. When I’m old I will own a vacation house in PSP – I swear.

This year to help with the itch I’m taking part in my first EVER DIY challenge as I participate in the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge at the Edmonton Renovation Show. Upcycle a door for charity? Kick 2016 off with a major creative outburst? Pay homage to my love of desert modern architecture? Why not! Thanks for the nudge Karen Seen & Heard in Edmonton, so far playing with paint and sandpaper and an old closet door has been oodles of fun. (More later this month…)

Besides usual life/work/mamahood/winter juggle, I’m (like you) scanning the interwebs for good reads, big laughs and life hacks/advice.


I’m missing the Albert Frey designed Tramway Gas Station come Palm Springs Visitor Centre.

Loving this new Canadian typeface.

Re-reading this comic advice on apologizing over and over #sorrynotsorry

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