How did you get that f*#king awesome job Tim Gonzo Ryan?

Seeing double? Tim Gonzo Ryan is.
Seeing double? Tim Gonzo Ryan is.

If you’ve ever hung out with an Australian wolf pack, you know how much fun they can be. Take director Tim Gonzo Ryan for example. He’s hung out with vigilante superheros in Seattle, practically parkoured through Detroit’s decay and drank with Juggalos in Cave-in-Rock (Illinois). If Hunter S. Thompson had a slightly less hardcore, illegitimate Australian son, Tim ‘Gonzo’ Ryan would be a candidate.

Poke around the corners of Canadian Netflix or Australia’s SBS2 and you’ll come across a gem of a travel show gem called Unplanned America. It’s a TV documentary series about three Aussies (Ryan, Pawel Jarecki and Nick Maherwho) who travel to the United States, buy a beat up Toyota and drive 20,000 miles across 35 states. Along the way, they hang out with completely intriguing American sub-cultures: from chilling with King L the reigning deity of the Chicago drill rap scene or watching the the mega-flexible Latino and African American dancers of New York’s underground voguing and ballroom dance scene at Escuellita.

Unplanned America is currently my favourite travel. Ryan and his crew offer up thoughtful and hilarious vignettes that peer unflinching into the common threads of uncommon American lives. Ryan and his travel buddies are sincere but probing, cocky but self-depracating, both combos that contribute to the series total watchability (if that’s a word).

So, here’s a glimpse into one of the masterminds behind Unplanned America and meet Tim Gonzo Ryan and his f*#king awesome job. Read more