6 Strong Summer Drinks to Cool You Down this Hot Season


New York hospitality magnate Danny Meyer once said: “A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.

The ladies below must really care about the patrons, friends and regulars they serve, because they’re all known for their superior beverages and service. Summer usually means experimenting with flavours, staying cool and relaxing somewhere outdoors (maybe a backyard/patio/courtyard).

If you check out my ‘Summer’ board on Pinterest, its contents are primarily the cold, refreshing, liquid kind.  Summer always widens my adult beverage palate because there are so many fresh ingredients available to include in your summer drinks – from lovage to limes, cherries to cucumbers. I’m so excited to share these six tasty cocktail recipes from Canada’s best female barkeeps. Now is the time to show your BBQ/Patio Party/Friday night drinking buddies you care. Cheers to summer! Read more