How did you get that f*#king awesome job Emily Wight?

Photo credit: Photo Credit: Tracey Kusiewicz | Foodie Photography
Photo credit: Photo Credit: Tracey Kusiewicz | Foodie Photography

A few months ago my trend-spotting, news hounding little brother Zach rang me to tell about a cookbook he thought I would love.  Soon, I had Well Fed Flat Broke in my hands and I was whipping up rib-sticking, lip-smacking dishes that are family-friendly, delicious and not hard on the bank account.(See my Vitamin Daily review).

Emily Wight, Well Fed Flat Broke’s whip smart and funny-as-heck author, is someone a lot of people my age can relate to, said my little brother. She has a young kid who’s a fussy eater, a husband who has dietary restrictions, a modest grocery budget and a do-gooder approach to food (organic, local when possible). It was a cookbook-big sister match made in messy kitchen heaven.

Wight’s recipes are a friendly mix of South/Central American fare, a sprinkle of South East Asian dishes and a lot of Canadian classics like cottage pie (my family’s favourite and the best way to sneak vegetables into my toddler’s dinner) and her grandpa’s version of molten lava cake. Well Fed Flat Broke’s photography is gorgeous, the food styling colourful and vintage-y. She’s a humorous, sweet writer who’s neither too brash nor syrupy. Though her recipes could be served in some of Vancouver’s trendiest bistros, they are meant to be made with easy-to-find ingredients that won’t break the bank.

If I still lived in Vancouver, I’d probably try to be Wight’s friend. I’d  ask her to go for coffee on Commercial Drive, swap recipes and search out sweet vintage finds at The Attic Treasures. So instead, I’ll highlight her f*#king awesome her job as a food blogger and cook book author.  Read more